Sinkhole In Florida Consumes A Man And His Bedroom.

Sinkhole in Florida swallows a man and his bedroom.Scary stuff. A 30′ sinkhole opened up under a house in Florida last night and swallowed an entire bedroom and one person who is presumed dead. From the Guardian:

“A Florida man screamed for help and disappeared as a large sinkhole opened up under the bedroom of a house, his brother said on Friday. The brother told rescue crews he heard a loud crash near midnight on Thursday, then heard his brother screaming. “When he got there, there was no bedroom left,” the Hillsborough county fire rescue spokeswoman Jessica Damico said. “There was no furniture. All he saw was a piece of the mattress sticking up.”

Sinkholes occur naturally but land development (construction, heavy water retention ponds) and new water-diversion systems (lowering the water table, runoff etc.) may contribute to the process. [Guardian via Gizmodo]


UTEC’s Potable Water Generating Billboard.

UTEC, of Lima Peru, created a potable water generating billboard that works by grabbing atmospheric humidity from the air. Cool idea that unfortunately requires a crapload of hardware. I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to do this with less. Thanks E. [UTEC]


Using Imported Water In A Water Feature Is Green Because The Sign Says It’s Green.

Town Square Las Vegas Using Imported Water In Water Feature.The geniuses that brought you the saying: “The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves” now bring you the “Town Square Las Vegas cares about the environment and the community. We use imported water in our water feature.” sign. The beatings/morale message was laughable. The environmentally clueless water feature sign… unfortunate. [Sociological Images via Boing Boing]


TOTO’s Air-In-Shower Showerhead Reduces Water Use Up To 35%.

TOTO Air-In-Shower ShowerheadThe TOTO Air-In-Shower showerhead works by aerating the water so you can get the same shower experience but with less water. TOTO estimates that their Air-In-Shower showerhead will save a family of four (in Japan?) approximately $180/year by reducing the amount of hot water used per shower and will cut CO2 emissions by 146 kg/year.

Aerating water is not a new idea but TOTO will make it standard on all of their taps and fittings by February 2013. The price of the standalone Air-In-Shower showerhead is expected to be around $70 US. [DigInfo via Gizmodo]


How To Fix A Leaky Faucet In One Day… Instead Of One Year.

Fixing a dripping / leaking faucet.It took me a full-year but the faucet is fixed now. Over the last year, I have:

  • Watched 1+ hours of YouTube faucet repair videos.
  • Dismantled and reassembled the hot water sink plumbing 10 times.
  • Reconnected and tightened everything.
  • Reconnected and loosened everything.
  • Tried plumbing tape.
  • Tried plumber’s grease.

And the only thing that stopped the dripping over the last year was for me to turn off the hot water at the source. Tired of it, my family unaminously voted for a new sink but I pulled out the Jubbling veto and insisted I would fix the hot water drip problem.

DANCO brand specific faucet repair kit.Solution that finally worked: I purchased a brand specific faucet repair kit from Home Depot for about $3.00.

MacGyvering a fix for a leaky faucet is great if you have some DIY in your blood. If not, look for a faucet repair kit now and don’t wait a year.