Bicycle Barometer: Bike Or Ride Train To Work?

Bicycle Barometer by Richard J. PopeThe Bicycle Barometer by Richard J. Pope is doing more than just tracking the weather to determine the best way to get to work each day – it’s also receiving information about his local rail station (open/close, delayed) and the amount and type of precipitation. Mr. Pope made the Bicycle Barometer from an old clock he found at a flea market and he’s posted information on his site so DIY’ers in the UK can build their own. [OFTCC via Neatorama]


An Extremely Cold 2012-13 Winter Doesn’t Disprove Climate Change – May Confirm It. Record Arctic Ice Melt.

Extent of record Arctic ice melt in summer 2012.The Huffington Post posted an article, “Arctic Ice Melt Could Mean More Extreme Winters For U.S. And Europe,” forecasting extreme changes in 2012-13 winter weather patterns caused by the record Arctic ice melt. Scientists Jennifer Francis [Rutgers] and Stephen Vavrus [Wisconsin-Madison] published their study in March 2012 and in it, predicted that due to Arctic amplification, extreme weather events [cold spells, droughts, flooding] would not only occur but will be more persistent in northern latitudes. The 2012 record Arctic melt is changing the shape and direction of the jet stream and will lead to prolonged weather events. Check out the article for more information.

Personally, it gets a little tiring listening to both sides of the climate change issue point to the weather at that moment, and location, as a sign of change or no change. We’ll see if the predictions made in the Francis/Vavrus study play out during the course of the 2012-13 winter. Unfortunately, they nailed it this summer. [Huffington Post]


High/Low Temperature Records: Simple Pie Chart Points To Climate Change. Simple Deniers See Pretty Colors; Eat Pie.

Record High/Low Temperature Pie Charts Point To Warming In US


High and low temperature records should even out each year according to a UCAR study. That’s not happening. Here’s more from the study as posted on Climate Central:

“The study used computer models to project how the records ratios might shift in future decades as the amount of greenhouse gases in the air continues to increase. The results showed that the ratio of daily record highs to daily record lows in the lower 48 states could soar to 20-to-1 by mid-century, and 50-to-1 by 2100.”

Granted, the year isn’t over yet but for the first half of 2012 and for future years, it’s not looking very promising. [Climate Central]


“Welcome To The Rest Of Our Lives” Video Covers Early Summer 2012 Weather Events. Not Looking Forward To The Sequel.

Hashed together from news footage by Peter Sinclair of Climate Denial Crock of the Week, “Welcome To The Rest Of Our Lives” video might be the worst video we’ll watch this week. Is this the first time you’ve heard of a derecho? What’s worse is that the hottest part of summer hasn’t arrived so we may be adding more hot weather related terms to our daily vocabulary before it’s over. [Grist]