Scottish Offshore Windfarm 11, Donald Trump 0.

Mr. Trump: You can save a little face and advertise on the wind turbines...

Ministers in Scotland have approved the windfarm project off the Aberdeen coast despite the opposition of windbag Donald Trump. The 11 wind turbine windfarm is expected to supply enough electricity to power half of the homes in Aberdeen. Supporters of the project should probably send Mr. Trump a fruit basket and thank you note for opposing it. His overseas asshole’ishness probably did more to push the project through than any other factor. [Guardian]


Siemens Builds World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbines And DONG Will Operate The Wind Farm.

World's Largest Wind Turbine - SiemensSiemens is building the massive 6-megawatt wind turbines and DONG Energy will manage the project off the Yorkshire coast. DONG’s long term plan is to install 300 of the Siemen’s wind turbines around the UK. It’s great to see DONG and Siemens working so well together. [e360]


To Keep Future Energy Costs Predictable, IKEA Decides To Double-Down On Renewable Energy.

IKEA solar panelsIkea has always tried to simplify the furniture assembly process. Following that same path, Ikea is now working to simplify how they’ll get their future electricity by doubling their investment in renewable energy to $4 billion. From Ikea CEO and President Mikael Ohlsson (Bloomberg):

“I foresee we’ll continue to increase our investments in renewable energy… looking at how quickly we’re expanding and our value chain, we will most likely have to double the investments once more after 2015.”

Ikea’s goal is to get 100% of the power for their stores from renewable sources by 2020. Ikea’s stores currently get 34% of their electricity from 250,000 solar panels they own and from 126 wind turbines they’ve invested in. [Bloomberg]


TimberTower Builds World’s First Wooden Wind Turbine.

TimberTower Wind TurbineInstalled in early November 2012, the wooden TimberTower wind turbine is made out of glued laminated timber panels and will produce approx 1,500 kWh of electricity. The TimberTower wind turbine is 328′ tall and has a guaranteed minimum lifespan of 20 years. According to TimberTower, their just completed wood-built turbine replaced the need for 300 tons of sheet steel and 400 tons of carbon used to build standard steel towers.

Another advantage of the TimberTower is that it can be transported to a building site in standard 40ft trailers. [Gizmag]

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Uprise Energy’s Portable Power Center (PPC) Is A Transportable Wind Turbine. Didn’t I Already See This Video?

The Portable Power Center (PPC) simulation video created by Upside Energy of San Diego looks great. A transportable 50 kW wind turbine that fits in a shipping container would be beast (sorry kids for using beast). Looking forward to seeing this renewable energy generating solution on the road.

In other news, The Onion created an awesome parody of the TEDTalks videos. I’m looking forward to seeing compostable cars powered by compost on the road. [Treehugger]


Going Upwind Faster Than The Wind With the Blackbird Wind-Turbine Powered Vehicle

Blackbird Wind-Powered VehicleThe Blackbird wind-turbine powered land vehicle recently traveled upwind at twice the speed of the wind it was heading into. Built by Rick Cavallaro and his team, the Blackbird was designed to harness the power created by the up and cross winds. For more information, check out the article on Wired and for early information on the Blackbird, go to Rick’s website.

Think it would work on a boat? Check out the video below. [Wired]