Putting Wind Turbines In Living Trees May Drive Increased Wind Power Acceptance

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This post was inspired by an article on Inhabitat
Being able to incorporate a wind turbine into a living tree may seem farfetched but it’s something Jubbling thinks will make the technology more attractive and affordable. According to Inhabitat.com, the power generated by a tree-top mounted turbine is 30% less than a standard wind power generator its size but still enough to supply its builder, Architect Wolfgang Frey, and his nearby neighbors with power. We have to assume that the installation costs were less too since his tree-top wind turbine does not require a base. Mr. Frey’s tree-top wind turbine idea is not original [thank you Queen Wind Turbine] but it is the first application we’ve heard of where this Macgyverish technology is in use.


Queen Wind Turbine Wants To Generate Electricity Bird Friendlier And In Full Camo

After reading article after article from groups and individuals who oppose wind power, it’s nice to see that one person wants to stand with wind Nacelle Spinner with Blades - Queen Wind Turbine and meet those objections with his idea called the Queen Wind Turbine. That one person is Mr. Vince Fodera and his idea is to generate electricity using his nacelle spinner with blades encased in a bird-proof mesh instead of a 50 – 150′ tower with the standard turbine blades. Mr. Fodera sees his Queen Wind Turbine as a localized solution (i.e homes, businesses) and one that could be used along freeways (Roadside Draft Turbine) and on top of boat masts. It works by channeling air so it never needs to be moved or rotated to face the wind source.

Queen Wind Turbine in a TreeProbably the most interesting application of the Queen Wind Turbine is its ability to attach to an existing tree which then camouflages the electricity generator. This helps overcome the “eyesore” complaint that follows most wind power installations both on a large and small scale and it reduces the comparative costs.

Yes, the Queen Wind Turbine might be a little far fetched but maybe makers of personal wind power generators could borrow some ideas from Mr. Fodera. His approach seems to be “look at the objections and develop a solution” without losing the main goal of the product and that is to generate electricity in a renewable manner. Cell towers faced the same “it’s an eyesore” objection and companies sprang up to meet the need for less obtrusive cell towers.

Whether it works or not, we’d still like to wish good luck to Mr. Fodera and his Queen Wind Turbine. We hope groups like Turbine Unwanted Raptors Daily (TURD) and Not Using Trees for TurnbineS (NUTTS) stay out of your way. Your Queen Wind Turbine may just be too ahead of its time the way your motorized shopping cart was in 1964.

Applications of Queen Wind Turbine