Which One Is More Jubbling: SmartPhone Or Phone Books?

Treehugger posted an interesting article that attempted to answer what was better for the environment – a lifetime of iPhone’s or phone books? The article’s author, Pablo Paster, calculated that a lifetime of iPhones has 11 times the carbon footprint of a lifetime of phone books. He then went on to point out that an iPhone replaces a bunch of carbon-creating devices (GPS, TV, video camera etc.) making the difference a lot less but still in the phone book’s favor.

For me, it’s not as much about the phone book’s carbon footprint. Instead it’s about getting the phone book when I don’t want or need it. And to opt-out I have to give the Yellow Pages Association information about me, including my email address, that they didn’t already have.

Check out the article and when you’re done, you can choose to give up your personal information and opt-out or you can continue to annually get your phone book (aka emergency booster seat or hot dish pad). [Treehugger]


San Francisco To The Yellow Pages – OPT THIS!

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Votes for Opt-inOk, Seattle went halfway with their Yellow Pages opt-out ordinance where you have to ask YP publishers to NOT send you the book you never use. San Francisco went a little further and made it an opt-in thing which is great and makes total sense. Think about it, how many people actually use the book? The few that do can still get the phone book so it goes against the claims of the Yellow Pages Association that an opt-in program restricts commerce. It really only restricts waste.


Freedom Of Speech Violated? Yellow Pages Sues City Of Seattle To Keep Giving Us Phonebooks We Don’t Use

Unfortunately, Jubbling does not have a staff attorney but even I might be able to defend the City of Seattle in this case. The folks behind the Yellow Pages – Dex Media West, SuperMedia LLC and the Yellow Pages Association – are suing the City of Seattle in US District Court to overturn an ordinance that would give consumers the right to opt-out of receiving the business Yellow Pages. You all know the Yellow Pages; it’s the big 500+ page book we get every 6 months that either goes right into a recycle bin or sits by your mailbox for 2 or 3 weeks and then goes in the recycle bin. According to a Seattle Times article, the city estimates the business Yellowpages represent 3 percent of the paper that households dispose of for recycling.

But the groups behind the Yellow Pages are fighting back; they’re using the angle that the ordinance violates their freedom of speech. They might have a case if the ordinance’s sponsor, City Councilman Mike O’Brien, made it “opt-in” for Yellow Pages instead of an opt-out.

The Yellow Page Association has a opt-out page on their website but it looks a little sketchy and guess who is holding the publishers responsible for honoring our requests? They are. The Seattle ordinance has the teeth to hold the Yellow Page publishers responsible with fines and delivery fees and that is what they are afraid of.

What can you do to get rid of unwanted phone books in your town? Probably a good first step is to download a draft of the Seattle Yellow Page Ordinance and read through it. If you agree with it, submit it to your local officials for consideration. More cities moving in this direction with more teeth might finally get the Yellow Page Association to finally act and actually stop distributing unwanted phone books.


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