’50 Easy Ways To Be Greener (And Save Money)’ YouTube Video.

video “50 Easy Ways to be Greener (and Save Money)” is about easily implementable tips that will reduce your consumption and save you some coin. It’s worth your time to watch this 6 minute video. [Upworthy]


BIGFOOT, The Original Monster Truck, Goes Electric. Judging By Youtube Comments, It’s Not Well Received.

“Look, I’ve been a Bigfoot fan forever and I understand why you’re doing what your’e doing (I think). But an Electric Monster Truck? Really? It’s just a scaled up version of the Bigfoot PowerWheels I had when I was a kid. Take away that V8 with the four figure horsepower, and that tremendous noise, and it just becomes boring. I could barely stand to watch this video.”
Comment on EV BIGFOOT from theranter on Youtube.com

There are trolls and then there are really disappointed people. Based on the comments on the BIGFOOT electric Monster Truck’s Youtube page, there are a lot of disappointed people. The folks behind “The Original Monster Truck” BIGFOOT built an EV version and it’s getting the type of reception only reserved for a vegan professional wrestler.

BIGFOOT Electric Monster Truck.
Jubbling thinks it’s great. The greens and the Monster Truck fans, who love the noise and the smell of diesel, probably think an electric Monster Truck is a bad idea for opposing reasons. But whether the EV BIGFOOT wins or not, it’s a change for a normally diesel-fueled event and brings electric vehicles to the forefront. And maybe in the eyes of a few young Monster Truck fans, electrical vehicles will be considered cool thanks to EV BIGFOOT – especially if dad is cheering against it. [Gizmag]


Dear Frito Lay – Please Make Your SunChip Bags Louder! XO Jubbling

“Yeah, thanks for the noisy ass, hard to grip cellophane bag Frito lay. Now I can’t hear my f****ng tv over your goddamn annoyingly loud bag. Congrats, you just lost a customer. Food for thought!”
Comment from Youtube.com

sunchips-biodegradableAccording to Greenbiz.com, Frito Lay is going to pull their compostable SunChip bags off the shelf and return to the old bags on all flavors except “Original”. It seems the loud bags are not popular with their louder customers who have taken their disapproval to Facebook, Youtube and directly to Frito Lay.

garbage-landfill2Yes, it is more difficult to sneak a SunChip from the new compostable bag but please, pour the damn chips in a bowl if you can’t function with the noise. It’s no wonder that most of the planet think we’re a bunch of mamby pamby’s – especially when the inconvenience of a biodegradable chip bag gets pulled from the market because a few vocal consumers think it’s too loud. What’s ironic about the SunChips bag is that each time it’s opened, it audibly reminds us that we should compost it; kind of a compost-trigger.

Landfill wins again but we can limit their victory by continuing to buy SunChip’s in their original flavor which will still come in the compostable bag. And that sound you here every time you open a new bag of Original SunChips, that’s the sound of Jubbling.