WalkScore.com: Helps You Find The Most Livable Walkable Place To Live

By aggregating information gathered by Zillow, Yelp, Flickr and others, WalkScore.com wants to help you find the next place to live based on how walkable it is. How close is the nearest grocery store, coffee shop and school? How accessible is mass transit? All of these factors become part of an overall score as to how walkable the area around your future home is. You’ll soon discover that cities are going to score higher than suburban neighborhoods for obvious reasons but WalkScore.com is most effective when it comes to helping you decide between in-city locations or between neighborhoods if walkability is important to you.

I did a search on my neighborhood and WalkScore.com pegged my local grocery store as “Quilt Or Dye Quilting Shop”; the system is not perfect. But WalkScore.com is definitely worth a look and could be a single source for answers to multiple factors affecting your next move.