Researchers In Spain Turn Paper Waste Into Bricks.

Paper waste bricks - University of JaenWhen I read the headline on Gizmag and glanced at the image above, I didn’t know how this story would turn the corner and be about paper waste bricks. Waste maybe but not bricks.

Researchers from the University of Jaen have developed a way to turn paper waste into bricks. From the article on Gizmag:

“The scientists gathered cellulose waste from a paper mill, along with sludge left over from the purification process of that plant’s waste water. Those substances were then mixed with clay used in building construction, pressurized, and then extruded in one long sausage-like length. The bricks were subsequently sliced from that material, and fired in a kiln.”

The paper waste bricks also harden with less kiln time. Early paper waste bricks were not as strong as actual bricks so the team is working to perfect the mix and make the bricks sturdier by adding waste from the beer, olive and biodiesel industries as well as sewage sludge. Sewage sludge? I guess my first take was partially right. [Gizmag]


Want Or Need? CEBRA And Danski Want To Build The World’s Largest Indoor Ski Park In Denmark.

World's Largest Indoor Ski-Park - CEBRA Danski

“CEBRA has designed the ski dome based upon a six point snowflake and if built it will be the largest indoor ski park in the world at 100,000 square meters (1,076,000 sq.ft) in total, with 70,000 square meters (753,473 sq.ft) of skiing, taking over from SkiDubai with its current 22,500 square meter (242,187 sq.ft) indoor ski facility.”
Indoor ski-park designed by CEBRA – Gizmag

Let me first get this out of the way: I am not an anti-ski’ite. Skiing is a fun outdoor activity that people of all ages can enjoy. But building the world’s largest indoor ski resort is another story. To me, indoor snow skiing is nature-defying at worst and unnecessary at best. It seems like want and need are not taken into consideration and projects like this are simply about economics – can the world’s largest indoor ski-park make money? For all the resources consumed to build and run a massive indoor ski-park, whether it makes money or not is the only factor that matters and that’s the problem.

Instead of counting on DOHA and Kyoto Protocol to tackle climate change, we need to look beyond economics when we look at these “give Mother Nature the finger” projects. I think we can live without the world’s largest indoor ski-park. I think we have to. [Gizmag]


Four Lights Tiny House Company WINS With Their ‘Co-Housing for the Antisocial’ Community In Sonoma County.

Weller Tiny Home DesignJay Shafer, founder of the Four Lights Tiny House Company, moved into his first tiny home in 1996 and has been designing and building tiny homes for others since 1999. He’s written books on tiny homes and hosts a traveling camp/workshop where for a fee, Jay will teach participants how to build their own tiny home. All good.

But nothing Mr. Shafer has done so far can compare to the project he’s working on now in Sonoma County California.

The Napoleon Complex Tiny Home Community.
Naming a tiny home community The Napoleon Complex is unbeatable. It’s scheduled to open in 2015. [Inhabitat]


Donald Trump Evicts Glenfiddich Scotch From His Properties. Glenfiddich Receives Best Testimonial Ever!

2012 Spirit of Scotland Award winners - Top Scot Michael Forbes

Top Scot - Michael Forbes (front/center)

How do you get some free publicity for your product? Have Donald Trump tweet that he’s dropping it from all of his properties. The beneficiary of the positive publicity this time is The Glenfiddich Distillery after they named Michael Forbes as the recipient of their “Top Scot” at the 2012 Spirit of Scotland Awards.

Donald Trump tweets about Glenfiddich and Michael Forbes.

Farmer Michael Forbes was featured in the documentary “You’ve Been Trumped” about the Donalds bullying effort to build a golf resort on a formerly pristine section of Scottish coastline. In the film, Donald Trump refers to Michael Forbes as the “village idiot” for not backing down and selling his farm to Trump. Now, Mr. Forbes is the Top Scot and Glenfiddich has a new customer – me.

For the record, I’m not a single malt scotch drinker; my tastes are limited to the lower on-sale light beer shelf. But thanks to Mr. Trump’s seal of disapproval, the Glenfiddich single malt is impossible to resist and I’ going to take one for the team and buy a bottle.

Jubbling first wrote about Donald Trump’s Aberdeen golf course when he tried to block a wind farm project off the Scottish coast. His opposition to the off-shore wind turbines followed his usual tactic of threats and name calling. It makes it so easy, with the holidays approaching, to wish that Mr. Trump would be visited by 3 ghosts. [Grist]


Trike-Bike Transportable Bao House: When Tiny Homes Go Bad.

Bao House from dot ArchitectsCould the Bao House from dot Architects be the mobile padded cell for the on-the-go mental health counselor? No, it’s a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) stuffed structure that’s toted around by a tricycle bike and touted as a possible “tiny home.” Bao is the Chinese word for bulge and I can’t help thinking about the disappointed web traffic they would’ve received had dot Architects gone with Bulge House instead.

Move along folks – not much to see here. [Treehugger]


Christo Might Be the Anti-Jubbling. Wants To Build A Sculpture Out Of 410,000 Oil Barrels.

410,000 oil barrel pyramid by ChristoAs crazy as building a flat-topped pyramid out of 410,000 oil barrels sounds, it actually gets much worse because the conceptual artist behind the project is Christo. Christo is not stranger to large-scale art and that’s why building a 500′ tall oil barrel structure in the Abu Dhabi desert falls into his wheelhouse.Wrapped Islands by Christo

That’s why we’re making a simple plea to Christo – you’ve wrapped, surrounded and umbrella’d more than enough art. Maybe for the 410,000 oil barrel project, you could stick with the concept and avoid the actual. Concept art is something Jubbling can appreciate. [Grist]