Pousse Créative Wants You To Put A Plant Above Your Pet With The Kokon Kennel

Pousse Créative Kokon KennelIt’s called the Kokon Kennel and from the picture, the cat seems pretty happy in it. But what you can’t see in the image is the pissed off spouse of the person who just shelled out $350 for this well designed and yet extremely unnecessary cat bed with plant on top. I went to Pousse Créative’s* website hoping to find out that these structures were made from recycled diapers or to benefit orphanages but no luck. This is just a plant on an expensive pet bed that can easily be duplicated using a potted fern and a cardboard box. [Inhabitat]

*Pousse Créative is their actual company name and not one we made up.


National Plug In Day

This year’s National “Plug in Day” occurred over the past weekend in 25 cities across the US and was sponsored by Plug In America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association.Toyota Prius - Pious 1 License Activities planned for the day included “plug-in parades, tailpipe-free tailgate parties, test-drives and other grassroots activities.” In related news, scientist monitoring climate conditions in all of the cities hosting a National Plug in Day noticed a unexpected upsurge in the amount of pretentious in the air above the event and nearby sewage treatment facilities experienced a measured reduction in the smell emanating from its waste.

Jubbling recommendation: Buy an electric vehicle but don’t rub it in.


Rachel Freire’s Cow Nipple Dress: Disturbing Fashion Statement Or Jubbling?

Cow Nipple Dress by Rachel FreireBrit Rachel Freire’s recent submission to the London Fashion show, the Cow Nipple Dress, is getting the kind of attention you’d expect any cow nipple dress would. According to Ecouterre:

the cow nipple dress has raised the ire of the British public, politicians, and animal-rights groups alike, who have branded it “inappropriate and disturbing,” “absolutely grotesque,” “sickening and repulsive,” and a “runaway freak show,”

The reaction she’s getting almost sounds like Schoolhouse Rocks’ Interjections.

To us, nothing about keeping up with fashion is Jubbling and that’s because fashion shows always have to include words like green and eco-friendly to excuse their events. Rachel Freire obtained her nips from a local tannery that would normally throw them out so in this case, she’s using a normally wasted byproduct in her cow nipple dress. Yes, it’s pretty provocative and we think somebody should give Ms. Freire a hug. But is it Jubbling? The Jubbling tipping point might be if the owner of the dress eventually eats it.


Solar-Heated Clothes Dryer: Eco-Suavé or Jubbling?

Solvis-Miele Solar-Heated Clothes DryerCleanTechnica.com recently posted an article about the first solar-heated clothes dryer from Miele. Here’s how it works:

First, water runs through pipes in solar panels and is heated by the sun. The hot water then flows through a perpendicular pipe with dispenser valves to the solar cylinder. The hot water stays at the top, warm water in the middle, and cool water is at the bottom. Heat for the dryer is supplied directly from the hot water in the top later, and as the water cools it sinks to the bottom. CleanTechnica.com

Gizmag goes a little further and explains how Miele’s solar-heated dryer works and how it was developed through a partnership with solar-tech company Solvis.

Eco-Suavé or Jubbling? It’s pretty obvious that the solar-heated dryer falls into the Eco-Suavé category. Look at all of the hardware necessary to create this “eco-friendly” device and then contrast it with a clothesline stretched between two trees or posts. Once again, the green solution seems to consume more resources than it’ll save. I’m staying old-school with the phone-cable clothesline and waiting for sunny days plus, I can’t afford a system like this. Who beyond the Eco-Suavé can? Jubbling – Making consuming less, less consuming



Champagne Environmentalist: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Question: Is the net effect of celebrity support in eco causes a positive or do they put off as many people as they attract?

There is a great article on The Guardian’s Green Living Blog, Hypocrisy of champagne environmentalists is deceitful and distracting. Its author, Ed Gillespie, writes about how celebrities and public figures begSting Amazon us to live a more sustainable lifestyle and yet enjoy a lifestyle most of us can only dream of. He offers several examples of eco-celebrities and their extreme consumption.

Jubbling posted an article in May 2010 about the hypocritical nature of Hollywood’s preaching and its reality – Hollywood Love$ Green Message$. How Does It Feel About Jubbling?. Being an eco-celebrity seems to be the 2000’s equivalent to the 1990’s recovering addicts; it gets you in the news. I have a feeling that Eco-Celebrity Rehab is just around the corner.


Is A Compost Heated Shower For You?

[youtube width=”360″ height=”240″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdu-r4h5yAA[/youtube]
Inspired by the work of Jean Pain, Darren Doherty and his group built a compost heated shower that can dispense 40 gallons of warm water every 10 minutes. The water travels through 400′ of 1″ hose that is snaked through a 6′ x 6′ compost pile. The compost piles’ day and night internal temperature reached and has remained at 90 degrees since day one. At some point, they do think the pile will run out of heat and when it does, they’ll be left with some good compost.

By far the best part of the video occurs in the first 25 seconds where Darren walks in and out of the shower and then calls out to his lady friend, “come on out doll.” Jubbling aspires to reach this level of eco-suavé but judging by the spam we get, we have to accept that our groupies peddle upskirt porn and sell cheap Zoloft. [Treehugger.com]