spOILed The Movie

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uJInBagFnc[/youtube]Do you remember the annoying kid that sat in the back of your classroom and made fart noises, threw stuff and just wanted to get a rise out of people? He started Jubbling. But the equally annoying kid sitting next to him just made a film – “spOILed the Movie.” Hooray for fossil fuels! [Guardian]


Scottish Wind Farm Builders, We Have A Solution To Get Donald Trump Off Your Backs.

Donald Trump is choosing to be an arse in Scotland because being a dong in the U.S. was not enough. First, he pushed through his plan to build a 36 hole golf resort just north of Aberdeen on a protected stretch of Scottish coastline and now he’s opposing the installation of an 11-turbine offshore wind farm. In his words they’re “big, ugly structures” and their installation would be “disastrous and environmentally irresponsible.”

The planning application for the wind farm was submitted by Marine Scotland in August 2011 and would be constructed under a joint venture between Vattenwall (utility), Technip (engineering) and the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group.

Now they could fight Trump or they could take our unsolicited advice on how to get his support and complete their wind farm project:

Trump - The Wind Turbine
Donald Trump loves seeing name and I’m sure his people will kick in for the cost of the decal. He’ll move on and you’ll get your clean energy – it’s a win win. Putting “Trump” on the blades would probably be overkill but you should leave that option open [because he loves seeing his name].


Dear Old Refrigerator, Please Keep Working Until At Least 2014. XO XO Jubbling

Improved Refrigerator Efficiency Standards In 2014Why 2014? Because that’s when the new Department of Energy standards governing refrigerators kick in making them 25% more energy efficient than current Energy Star compliant models. Companies are already working toward this goal – LG is traveling around the country with their new LG LFX31925 which is close to but doesn’t meet the new standard. And General Electric started working toward this new standard in 2010 by investing $432 million to improve the design and manufacturing of refrigeration products.

When 2014 does hit and it’s time to make the move, you can donate your old fridge locally or if it’s on life support, have it recycled through the EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program. The EPA has partnered with utilities, retailers and manufacturers around the country to safely recycle refrigerators and recover their ozone-damaging refrigerant.

So for now, hug it out with your fridge daily, whisper it sweet nothings, spare it the stress of hot pots of soup and definitely don’t let it know about your plans for replacement in 2014.


Putting the Sun To Work For Minnesota Video

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf63Gfv01eY[/youtube]
Interesting video created for Environment Minnesota’s solar power video competition. A little known fact put forth by this video is that solar panels are more efficient absorbing sunlight in lower temperatures. Proof of this can be seen by the success of solar power in Germany. [Boing Boing]


EthicalOil.org Has To Be A Spoof

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SjZlqbDudI&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]
TreeHugger.com had an article about EthicalOil.org, “Ethical Oil” Ad Campaign is Complete & Utter Bull$#!t, and the organization’s new video. The video looks like a spoof to me but if it is real, I’ve got some advice for the folks that came up with the name “EthicalOil.org” – stay off the oxymorons. Talk to your homies over at Clean Coal and see how that whole wordplay thing worked out. Maybe the tar sands, I mean “oil sands” people should be more direct and call their group: oilfrompeoplethatlookmorelikeyou.org. Or how about jesuslovesouroil.org? You get the point – you used women this time but you have so many more ethnic and religious differences to point out.

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Solar-Heated Clothes Dryer: Eco-Suavé or Jubbling?

Solvis-Miele Solar-Heated Clothes DryerCleanTechnica.com recently posted an article about the first solar-heated clothes dryer from Miele. Here’s how it works:

First, water runs through pipes in solar panels and is heated by the sun. The hot water then flows through a perpendicular pipe with dispenser valves to the solar cylinder. The hot water stays at the top, warm water in the middle, and cool water is at the bottom. Heat for the dryer is supplied directly from the hot water in the top later, and as the water cools it sinks to the bottom. CleanTechnica.com

Gizmag goes a little further and explains how Miele’s solar-heated dryer works and how it was developed through a partnership with solar-tech company Solvis.

Eco-Suavé or Jubbling? It’s pretty obvious that the solar-heated dryer falls into the Eco-Suavé category. Look at all of the hardware necessary to create this “eco-friendly” device and then contrast it with a clothesline stretched between two trees or posts. Once again, the green solution seems to consume more resources than it’ll save. I’m staying old-school with the phone-cable clothesline and waiting for sunny days plus, I can’t afford a system like this. Who beyond the Eco-Suavé can? Jubbling – Making consuming less, less consuming