Jeff Goldblum Pitching The GE Link Connected LED Lighting Is Spectacular. [Video]

YouTube: Enhance Your Lighting – GE

Jeff Goldblum LED lighting commercial for GE LINK Connected LEDsJeff Goldblum needs to be the face of smart LED lighting. The GE Link 60-watt equivalent is available for sale at Home Depot and is priced at $14.97… which is less than the amount Terry Quattro tips the guy who tips the guy. [TWBE]


CNN’s Deb Feyerick Asks Bill Nye If We Should Blame Global Warming For The Asteroid Coming Close To Earth.

CNN anchor Deb Feyerick posed the asteroid/global warming connection question to Bill Nye and he did a good job dodging it in earth-like fashion. Misinformed but honest mistake and lets hope the folks on the wrong side of the climate change debate don’t pounce on this – pretty sure they will though. I think it’s part of the denier’s credo: survive on misinformation, choke on science. [Slate]


Larry Hagman Was Much More Than J. R. Ewing.

Larry Hagman's Solar Array

” Now, not everyone can put in the gonzo [solar] array I did; however, we can all learn from the mistakes of the past and make positive differences right now and for the future.” – Larry Hagman, 2011

If you get a chance, please visit Larry Hagman’s website and read his open letter about making life changes, solar energy and the future. Mr. Hagman (1931-2012) wrote the inspirational letter in 2011 and reading it is well worth your time. [MNN]


The Inconvenient Truth Is That You Probably Didn’t Vote For Jill Stein.

President Barack ObamaWith this election, we could’ve sent a message to our President that climate change was an important issue but instead, we chose the rock star over the bazillionaire. Neither of the two main candidates wanted to bring up climate change – even a Presidential debate moderator, guided by unseen forces, poked fun at all “you climate change people” and basically pointed out that it’s the economy, stupid. [Wonder how those words will play out in 25 years.]

Hopefully a re-elected President Obama will not forget about the environment in his next four years the way he avoided it at the end of his first term. The normal treehuggers gave him a pass in this election, instead of promoting Jill Stein’s candidacy, because they considered him the least objectionable. Probably not a good position to take but it’s up to the voters to decide.

So congratulations to President Obama. This is it and I hope your final term is about making tough decisions in regard to climate change that will benefit your children and future grandchildren rather than focusing on getting future nominees from your party elected. You don’t have to be a rock star anymore; you just need to be a leader on an issue that is much bigger than any election.


Certifiably Un-Jubbling: David Blaine’s “Electrified: 1 Million Volts Always On” Stunt.

One million volts always on? That is a lot of wasted juice being used to power this effort by David Blaine. To Jubbling, standing and not eating or pooping for 72 hours is definitely the hit of this stunt; deflecting and wasting one million volts of electricity is just the unnecessary flair.

So DB, please bring back the street magic and levitation. Impressing people with a deck of cards and defying gravity was so Jubbling. [Opposing Views]


Donald Trump Willing To Scrap Plans For Hotel And Housing At His Scottish Golf Resort If Wind Towers Go Up Offshore

Donald Trump’s bullying is continuing overseas and hopefully the folks behind the offshore wind turbines in Scotland won’t knuckle under. Trump has taken it to a new level and he is now threatening to not build the planned hotel and housing at his golf resort to protest Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group’s offshore wind turbines that his spokesperson Trump Wind Turbinedescribes as an “ugly industrial park directly off the shoreline.” Marine Scotland will decide soon if they’ll go forward with the turbines. For environmentalists, this could be a double-win – no more development on the protected Scottish coast and they get their wind turbines. But if they’re looking to compromise, we proposed a solution in Sep 2011 that might satisfy both parties – Trump gets to see his name and Scotland gets their renewable energy. [Bloomberg and Jubbling]