Drink Your Soup And Then Eat Your Spoon With Triangle Tree’s Edible Spoon.

Edible Spoon from Triangle Tree.

Why not? Triangle Tree’s Edible Spoon makes it easier to enjoy a to-go meal with less waste. The Edible Spoon comes in 3 flavors – plain, spicy, and sweet. Eating your Edible Spoon’able meal out of an edible Edibowl is an unbeatable Jubbling moment. Need a napkin? Use your shirt. [Laughing Squid]


Tiny Home 2.0: Bicycle Edition.

Tiny Home 2.0: Bicycle Edition.Mobile tiny home bicycle is hard to not like. From Reddit user Wood-angel, the bicycle transported tiny home has a tiny kitchen, tiny TV and a tiny sleeping area. Want to build your own mobile tiny home? Blueprint below. [HuffPo and Reddit]

Bicycle tiny home blueprints.


Reduce: Offloading Three Tons Of Bamboo In 30 Seconds Without A Forklift.

Televisions, your next. [RocketNews 24]


Eating Roadkill In Montana Is A Vote Away From Being Legal.

Elk on a car in Montana.Montana is about to pass a law legalizing the consumption of roadkill. The law will only apply to elk, deer, antelope and moose but will not extend to fur-bearing animals.

Jubbling’s take: consuming roadkill is a much more Jubbling alternative to leaving a freshly killed animal behind to rot. I’d participate in eating roadkill too if a Tofurky made the mistake of running in front of my car. [USA Today]


How To Build A Hand Cranked Mobile Phone Charger Out Of A Drill, Wooden Spoon And Mixing Beater.

Hand Cranked and MacGyver'd Emergency Mobile Phone ChargerSimple? Sort of.
MacGyver? Definitely.

If your power is out and you’re not sure when it’s coming back, maybe following the instructions and collecting the required materials (wooden spoon, drill, string, aluminum foil etc.) to “Make an Emergency Phone Charger – MacGyver Style!” isn’t that crazy. [Instructables via Neatorama]


Tiny Closet-Sized, Coffin Apartments In Japan Prove Once Again That Kramer Was Ahead Of His Time.

Geki-Sema (Super Small) Share House in Tokyo.This closet-sized apartment in space-limited Tokyo rents for $600/month. At its deepest, it has approx 8 ft of living space and just enough room for a bed and some belongings.

Geki-Sema (Super Small) Share House in Tokyo.

The apartments are just used for sleeping by young professionals working in the Shibuya district in Tokyo. On the plus side, residents of these coffin apartments won’t be expected to host any functions.

Geki-Sema (Super Small) Share House in Tokyo.

Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld might’ve been onto something: we now have the closet apartment – maybe the dresser apartment is next. [Inhabitat]

Seinfeld:  Kramer turns dresser into a bed for Japanese tourists.