Tata’s Electric Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle vs. Gas-Powered Weapon Of Mass Instruction

Tata MBPV or Raul Lemesoff's Weapon of Mass InstructionThis is a Jubbling conundrum. On the left, is Tata’s recently released MBPV electric urban assault vehicle and on the right, we have Raul Lemesoff’s gas powered “Arma De Instruccion Masiva” that was built out of a vehicle normally used for war but now drives around Argentina handing out donated books. Jubbling loves the electric vehicles but free books are hard to beat. I think I have to give it to the “Weapon of Mass Instruction.” It’s the name that puts it over the top. [Inhabitat]


Tata’s Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle Is The Electric Powered Vehicle In All Terrorist’s Nightmares

Tata Motors Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle
There was a time in the 1980’s when tatas was preceded by “bodacious” and referred to something totally different than cars. Now they’re known for cars and Tata Motors of India is also the proud owners of the Jaguar and Range Rover brands. In addition to passenger vehicles, Tata Motors produces armored transport and military support vehicles. Their latest on the defense side is the Tata Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle (MBPV) or Anti-Terrorist Vehicle. This fully electric bad mother can hit speeds of 12 mph and is designed with angles to deflect bullets and the effects of hand grenades.

Not sure any terrorist or urban commando would want to face down the Tata MBPV. But wait, it sure is cute and just might be foiled by a non-lethal force. [Treehugger]

Tata Motors MBPV Pushed Over (artist rendering)


Ronald Reagan Is Jubbling

Ronald Reagan Supercarrier and car ferry.

The Ronald Reagan Supercarrier in the Puget Sound

My Picture of the Ronald Reagan in the Puget Sound.

Ok, maybe not the actual Ronald Reagan but the USS Ronald Reagan supercarrier which recently changed ports from San Diego CA to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton WA. On its flight-deck, facing a single F-18 fighter, were the vehicles of the Reagan’s sailors. The cars could’ve been trucked/railroaded up here separately or Jubblingly ferried up on the deck of the supercarrier. We’re happy to see they allowed the latter. [Gizmodo.com]


Are Hybrid Tanks In Our Near Future?

Hybrid Tank - Rear ViewThe website Greenbiz.com has an interesting article, BAE Systems’ Bid to Design a Greener, Next-Gen ‘Tank’, about BAE Systems’ efforts to build military vehicles of the future and they’re looking to go hybrid. Not because the military is getting soft but for the efficiency advantages a hybrid fuel/battery powered vehicle brings to the battlefield. From the article:

“I think it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 percent of the casualties that were incurred in Iraq were from convoys that were delivering fuel and supplies. It’s one of the more vulnerable points on a battlefield, so anything you can do to reduce the exposure of soldiers in that environment helps save lives.” – Mark Signorelli, BAE VP and GM of Weapon Systems

According to the Mr. Signorelli, switching to a hybrid system would reduce the amount of fuel needed by 20-25% over a standard drive system without sacrificing range.