Taking A Helicopter To A Climate Science Event. Are Eco-Celebrities That Disconnected And Oblivious?

Will.i.am and Dr. Myles Allen - weatherathome

“And it’s confusing that if you ask a random person on the street about climate change, then they’ve been given five different versions of why it’s not even an issue. So who is causing the confusion and why isn’t it even a priority?”
Will.i.am’s frustration over people not understanding climate change, Guardian

Maybe there just wasn’t a suitable runway nearby for a private plane but Will.i.am’s helicopter arrival at a climate event in the UK is getting more play than his meeting with Dr. Myles Allen. Dr. Allen met with Will.i.am to discuss the weatherathome project which uses the spare processing power and collected data from thousands of volunteered remote computers to make future weather pattern predictions. The Guardian reported that the meeting went well but they also had to question the helicopter.

In May 2010, we posted an article about eco-Hollywoodians and how they tell us about how to live ‘green’ in a “do as I say but not as I do” way. Not only is their message lost on regular people but the way they preach it borders on offensive. Will.i.am obviously didn’t think helicoptering into this meeting on climate change was that big of a deal or he wouldn’t have done it. But it’s kind of like cluelessly bringing a meat lovers pizza to a PETA event.

Now don’t get me wrong, celebrities like Will.i.am can make an appearance, or just tweet one, and have more of a positive effect on an issue than the average person. But for futures, please don’t point to our “confusion” when it comes to our understanding climate change when it was you that showed up in a helicopter. [Guardian]


What The What? A Face-Mounted Hummingbird Feeder?

Eye to Eye Wearable Hummingbird FeederI’m still trying to figure out how the “:–2<:" (Eye 2 Eye) face-mounted hummingbird feeder is Jubbling and it's not easy. Designed by Doyle Doss in 2008, the $80 Wearable Hummingbird Feeder reminds me of the wearable “Pollinator Frock” that featured microscopic images of pollen and was treated with a sweet nectar to attract and feed bees. The Wearable Hummingbird Feeder is definitely a little more sane; it includes an eye-protecting face shield. But is it Jubbling? Yes, when you re-gift or recycle it. [Laughing Squid via Grist]


Heartland Institute’s Billboard With Ted Kaczynski Not Dishonest – Just Dongish.

Heartland Institute Kacyzinski BillboardIt looks like the only prerequisite for becoming the head of marketing at the Heartland Institute is that you’ve managed a high school election. [Guardian]


Pharmaceutical Drug Heist Foiled By A Bottled Water. Maybe We Should Just Let Criminals Drink It.

Amaury Villa and Amed VillaGizmodo posted an article, The Largest Pharmaceutical Drug Heist in History Was Ruined By a Water Bottle, about an $80 million robbery that was partly solved by captured fingerprints on a bottle of water that was left behind. Bottled water, crime fighter? I think I’ve been too hard on the bottled stuff and I guess there could be exceptions. So criminals, please drink the heck out of that bottled water and if you can, eat something greasy while you do. No sense in committing a crime thirsty so be sure to bring it along. [NBC Connecticut via Gizmodo]


Damned If You Don’t (Go Solar), Damned If You Do (Net Metering)

Net Metering GraphicThere’s a post on Greentech Media about a debate between Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development Founder, Travis Bradford, and Westinghouse Solar CEO, Barry Cinnamon, on the effect of net metering. Net metering allows homeowners who generate their own renewable power to sell excess electricity back to utility companies. Based on where Bradford and Cinnamon work, you’d think they would be in agreement on this issue but they’re not.

Mr. Bradford is an advocate for distributed generation of renewable power; keep it local if possible as opposed to a central power generator that transmit and wastes electricity by sending it long distances. He believes un-capped net metering will aid the process of producing and keeping electricity local.

Mr. Cinnamon (Reservoir Dogs? No, they were colors.) believes there should be caps on net metering. He points out that utility companies are unable to recoup their per-customer fixed costs due to un-capped net metering. He also notes that if utilities raise their rates to account for lost income due to net metering, more people will move toward renewable energy putting utility companies in a “death spiral.” Surprisingly, this is coming from a person that works at Westinghouse solar. Sounds like he’s almost saying – “don’t buy too much of my product.”

If you get a chance, read the article and decide for yourself. [Greentech Media]


For A Mere $100,000, You Can Own The Amazingly Unnecessary 6′ x 4.5′ “Earth” World Atlas

Earth Platinum Limited Edition - Millennium HouseNot to be outdone by the folks at Behringer who built iNuke iPod speaker, Millennium House just published the world’s largest atlas and dubbed it Earth. I’m sure the pictures in the book are stunning but why publish this behemoth? It just doesn’t make sense to produce a dinosaur-sized, fossil of a book that nobody will ever use. Bad ideas like Earth are why I start each Jubbling day by kicking myself in the middle. [Gizmodo]