SSI’s Shred Of The Month Videos Are “Dum” On So Many Levels

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]Maybe I don’t like the video because the President of SSI has to have his own parking space or maybe it’s due to the fact that they dropped a working automobile in their PRI-MAX industrial shredder. Don’t get me wrong, the acting is Oscar worthy but everything else about this video kind of sucks. [Wired Gadget Lab]


Bentley EXP 9F Mega SUV. The V=12 and the Y(Why?)=1000.

Bentley EXP 9F SUVIt’s just experimental and hopefully, common sense will kick in and the folks running Bentley will re-think the whole EXP 9F SUV and keep it experimental. Why would you ever need a V-12 engine in a vehicle that will never taste dirt? It’s crazy but as long as there are folks who can afford it, massive and unnecessary beasts like the Bentley EXP 9F will continue to be built. [Wired]

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]


Swiss Guy With Wood Stove In His Volvo. Jubbling Or Not?

Wood Stove in VolvoWood Stove in Volvo 2(Reuters / Arnd Wiegmann)

So is it Jubbling or not? Answer: Yes and no. Yes to the haircut but no to the wood stove. [Buzzfeed]


Cool The Planet With A Large Dose Of Geoengineering

Geoengineering - Send sulfur dioxide into space to cool the planet.The Guardian posted an article, “Could an artificial volcano cool the planet by dimming the sun?,” about the feasibility of launching 1 to 5 million tons of sulfur dioxide 100,000 ft into the atmosphere to possibly lower the earth’s temperature by 1.8 – 3.6f. In order to have a lasting effect, this program would take 20 years and could cost anywhere from $8 to 700 billion dollars per year.

Sounds to me like a Lipitor for the earth. Hate to see the full disclaimer for this one. [Guardian]


Maybe A Sign Of Things To Come…

Gray Seals Blamed For Cod Fishery Collapse The NY Times Green Blog posted an article, “Smarting Over Cod Shortages, Fishermen Blame Seals,” that caught my attention. Last year, the Canadian Fisheries Dept. considered the idea to cull 73,000 gray seals from an estimated population of 350,000 in order to help resurrect their struggling cod fishery. According to an article in Canada’s National Post, the grey seal population doubles every ever 7 years and adult seals can reach a full-grown weight of 500 lbs. Marc Surette, executive director of the Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association points out they at their adult size, gray seals “eat more fish than any fleet could possibly take.”

But Rebecca Aldworth of the Humane Society of Canada doesn’t agree that the gray seals should take all of the blame and points out in the NY Times article:

“Seals and codfish co-existed for millennia. That shows that the problem lies elsewhere.”

Ms. Aldworth then points to “overfishing, by catch from other fisheries and damage to cod spawning grounds from offshore oil exploration” as a possible cause of the cod fishery collapse.

It’s no different here in the Pacific NW; we’ve been blaming sea lions for the drop in salmon stocks for years rather than taking responsibility for development around critical spawning grounds and over-fishing. And more recently, people have been taking action against the sea lions as 7 were recently found shot dead around the Puget Sound.

As our resources dwindle and our population booms, are we headed toward more of this? Speciesism? I hope not because we’re getting closer to the Aztecs and their sacrifice ceremonies meant to keep the sun rising and universe happy. Looking at it today, the idea that cutting out a person’s heart would somehow control the solar system sounds asinine. I hope we don’t have to look back at knee-jerk ideas like clubbing thousands of gray seals for cod fillets the same way we look back at the crazy stuff the Aztecs did. But wait a second, maybe we’re already doing this. [National Post via NY Times]


Brick In A Washer Video

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]This washer is [was] in better shape than mine. But then again, if you can afford it, you can destroy it. Hooray!?!! [Gizmodo]