The Olsen Twins Collaborate With Artist Damien Hirst To Make A $55k Nile Crocodile Skin Backpack.

$55,000 Nile crocodile skin backpack.An artistic partnership between Damien Hirst and the Olsen twins can’t be good. The only upside of the $55,000 Nile crocodile backpack is that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen only made 12 of these gems. Yes, a yet undetermined portion of each sale will go to UNICEF but the wastefulness and pretense will stay with the backpack.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen:  How The West Was FunJust a bit of warning for anyone on the fence about buying one of these $55k backpacks: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen haven’t created anything worthwhile since their direct to video “How The West Was Fun” was released in 1994. Caveat emptor. [Ecorazzi]


A Jubbling Exclusive: We Discovered What Happens To The Ostrich Pillow When It Grows Up.

Ostrich PillowThe micro-environment creating Ostrich Pillow is an in-office, in-airport, in-park and in-stuck in traffic nap generating chunk of awesomeness. It even made it on Treehugger (Eco-Friendly Mag) and Ecouterre. Jubbling had to find out more about the Ostrich Pillow and that’s when we stumbled upon the cold weather bodysuit (Ostrich Pillow 2.0?) from Femke Agema.

Femke Agema designed cold weather body suit.
Watch your ass Snuggie! [Femke Agema via Neatorama]


Jubbling Hopes These Vintage Jeans Sandal Boots Are Repurposed From Nearly Discarded Vintage Jeans And Not NEW Vintage Jeans.

Vintage Jeans Sandal Boots from DaniKshoesThese Vintage Jeans Sandal Boots are obviously not for me. They’re stylish and fashionable [?] so they would never find a home on my feet. But are they Jubbling and made from nearly-landfill jeans or are they made from new vintage jeans? We hope it’s the former. [Laughing Squid]]


‘Eco-Friendly And Stylish’ Areaware Wood Flashlight. (Hint: Eco-Friendly and Stylish = Expensive)

Areawear Wood FlashlightGreat looking but you’ll pay through the nose for this $49 Areaware Wood Flashlight. It’s described as “eco-friendly and stylish” but when you think about flashlights and how they are mishandled, bright and durable are probably words you want to describe your flashlight. Not a good idea to invest $49 on a eco-stylish, eco-suavé wooden flashlight. [Gizmodo]


Levi’s Will Be Releasing Their Waste Less™ Jeans In Spring 2013. Each Pair Made With 8 Recycled PET Plastic Bottles.

Levis Waste Less JeansGood for Levi’s and their planned Waste<Less™ jean’s line. Their goal is to incorporate 3.5 million recycled 12 – 20 oz PET bottles into their new Waste<Less™ jeans. I would’ve given Levi’s an awesome had I not seen a video of how labor intensive it was to turn PET plastic bottles in to fabric.

But don’t get me wrong, recycling and repurposing PET plastic bottles into clothing is still good. [Levi’s via Crave]


Free Mending Library: Michael Swaine Mends Clothing For Free In San Francisco.

Grist interviewed artist Michael Swaine to find out more about the once-a-month free clothes mending service he’s provided in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco for the last 11 years. It’s a great article about Mr. Swaine who extends the life of clothing and doesn’t expect anything in return. [Grist]

Find out when the Free Mending Library will be open. [Directions]