Like-A-Hug Vest Gives You A Virtual Hug Each Time You Get A ‘Like’ On Facebook. Jubbling Wants ‘Unlike-A-Pants’

Like-A-Hug vestThe Like-A-Hug vest designed by Melissa Chow, Andy Payne, and Phil Seaton at the MIT Media Lab is a cute idea but totally unnecessary. It works by inflating when somebody gives one of your Facebook posts a Like. Now if they could port the technology to pants and include a kick to the butt or groin for Unlikes… it would still be wasteful but definitely much cooler. [CNET Crave]


Jason Lloyd Fletcher’s Genevieve Sustainable Side Table And Chair Made Out Of Vintage Belts. What The What?

Jason Lloyd Fletcher vintage belt made chair and tableJason Lloyd Fletcher used recycled vintage belts to build his Genevieve series of side tables and chairs. From his website:

“Genevieve is a series of handmade pieces representing luxury products with sustainable, ethical principles.”

Really? Sustainable and ethical? I’m sorry but taking a crapload of perfectly wearable belts and turning them into furniture does not sound very sustainable. Creating usable products out of things we normally throw out and you have something. Not belts!

So if you are lucky enough to be in possession of a Jason Lloyd Fletcher designed Genevieve side table or chair, please dismantle it and re-recycle the vintage belts. Congratulations, you now have a lifetime supply of vintage belts or future belt gifts for your friends and family.

Going a little further, you could also walk around town handing out belts to people who can’t, and want to, keep their pants from falling down. They’ll call you Belt-Man and you’ll be a local hero. [Inhabitat]


Bagelheads: A Body Modification That’s A Terrible Waste Of Some Good Salt Water.

BagelheadsBagelheads injecting saline solution into their foreheads.Profiled on the National Geographic show Taboo, the Bagelheads of Japan are part of a growing body modification trend. Not only do these Bagelheads look silly but the saline solution they’re wasting and injecting into their foreheads could’ve been better applied for treating dehydration etc.

Our simple request to the Bagelheads – the next time you want to do this, please freeze the saline solution first (it’ll freeze) and then drop it in its frozen state on your bagel-less heads. Maybe it’ll jar something loose and knock some sense into you. [Laughing Squid]


‘Hug Me’ Fashion Line Designed To Make Wearer Feel Warm & Hugged. Some Yo Gabba Gabba! Inspiration?

Si Chan 'Hug Me' Fashion line.Holy crap! Unnecessary fashion makes it so easy for Jubbling to downsize because we really have no need for a style department. The latest fashion entry is from Si Chan whose Hug Me line was created:

“to express how the (dis) connection between people to people and the loneliness…”

Jubbling’s take is that in general, fashion expresses a disconnection between our wallets and unnecessary consumption.

Now there is one piece in Si Chan’s line that does show some promise. With the addition of a hat, you could pass as Toodee from Yo Gabba Gabba!. So I guess it’s not a total loss and it may hint at a little recycling. [Laughing Squid]

Toodee from Yo Gabba Gabba!