Real Life “Wasting” Fruit Ninja (Video)

Lets all hope they were able to throw together a nice little fruit salad with all that ninja’d fruit. Thank goodness they spared the kitty. [Laughing Squid]


The Holiday Vegetable Loaf Was Tofurkying Up Thanksgiving Decades Before Tofurky!

Holiday Vegetable Loaf: The Mother of all Tofurkys.Who would’ve thought that working down the food chain and going veggie was happening long before it was cool. Not sure how quickly I’d pounce on this meatless Holiday Vegetable Loaf but I do like that it’s on a bed of mashed potatoes. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your leftovers – XO XO Jubbling. [Boing Boing]


What To Do With Your Jack O’ Lantern After Halloween.

Sad rotting Jack O' Lantern wishes he were a pie.

"Wish I were a pie."

In addition to sharing a short 3 week lifespan, Jack O’ Lanterns and Christmas trees also share a disposal problem. Once your pumpkin is carved, post Halloween uses for your Jack O’ Latern are limited. So we searched around to find simple alternatives to throwing your briefly-loved Jack O’ Lantern into the trash and here’s our list:

    1. Bury Jack: the easiest non-garbage option is to bury Jack somewhere in your yard.
    2. Compost Jack: cut him up first and then dump his remains in the compost bin.
    3. Pickle Jack’s rind: if it’s relatively fresh. (Not doing this.)
    4. Feed Jack to chickens: chickens would love to eat Jack. Give him to a neighbor with chickens or take him to a local farm.

Another option is to have your kids paint a face on the pumpkin, instead of carving, and then shine a light on it. When Halloween is over, you’ll have a non-rotting and intact pumpkin that the chef in your house can go nuts with preparing soups, desserts etc.


Puzzle Playhouse From Modern Playhouse Is As Easy To Assemble As It Is To Disassemble.

Puzzle Playhouse from Modern PlayhouseWhat kid wouldn’t want a Puzzle Playhouse from Modern Playhouse? The Puzzle Playhouse can be used both indoors and outdoors and its tool-free assembly / disassembly takes less than 10 minutes. Plus, it’s sustainably built. From Inhabitot:

“The cute [Puzzle] playhouse is made with sustainable and domestically sourced maple apple-ply and comes in a beautiful natural maple color.”

And at only $650… wait a second, 650 bones? Sorry kids but we have to go with Plan B. [Inhabitots]

Jubbling Plan B to Puzzle Playhouse.


This Year’s “Lord Of The Gourd” Record Breaking Pumpkin Weighed 2009 Pounds. You Know What? We’re Going To Need A Bigger Hippo.

Ron Wallace's Record Breaking 2009 Lbs Pumpkin.At the 2012 Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts, Ron Wallace surpassed the 1 ton ceiling by growing a 2009 lbs pumpkin. Hoping they wouldn’t go to waste, I contacted the organizers of the Topsfield Fair to find out what the competitors did with their massive pumpkins after the fair and they told me that it’s up to each participant. I have a video suggestion below but this is definitely going to be a group project. [Treehugger]


Plant Host Drone (PHD) Lets Your Plants Follow The Sunlight. Still Gets A Damn Unnecessary Machine (DUM) From Jubbling.

Plant Host Drone (PHD)Don’t get me wrong, the Plant Host Drone (PHD) is a neat project and its creator, Belgian sculptor Stephen Verstraete, is more talented asleep than I am awake. I just hope people don’t consider putting their houseplants on autonomous, battery-powered vehicles that follow the sunlight a viable product. Even if the PHD served double duty and dragged a cat toy around the room as it moved, it still wouldn’t make the Jubbling cut. It’s a greenie “fishing with hand grenades” kind of idea. [Gizmag]