Siberian ‘Artist’ Sculpts Cobra Out Of 800 Pounds Of Cow Dung.

Cow Dung CobraMikhail Bopposov’s “Cobra in Cow Dung” was squeezed together from the poo-business of his 17 cows to mark the Year of the Snake. From Mr. Bopposov:

“This is not sculpture, just a piece of work I did,”

Congratulations to Mr. Bopposov for humbly creating self-funded art from recycled material – you have completed all of the requirements to become Jubbling’s Artist in Residence. [Neatorama]


After Christmas, Some Lions, Tigers and Leopards Would Love To Rub Up On Your Unwelcome Christmas Tree.

The pine scent drives the big cats nuts. We’ve done our job and have given you a way to recycle your formerly loved Christmas tree. It’s now up to you to locate a neighbor with lions, tigers and leopards. [Neatorama]


Christmas Tree + Jellyfish & Firefly Genes = Self-Lit Christmas Tree That Might Sting The Hell Out Of You.

Incredible Hulk Christmas TreeTreehugger posted the article, “Christmas Trees Given Jellyfish Genes Could Produce Their Own Light,” about the efforts of British genetic engineers to develop a luminescent Christmas tree. From the article:

“According to one BBC report, a team of postgraduate researchers from the University of Hertfordshire have devised a way to splice the bioluminescent properties of jellyfish and fireflies into the genes of a Douglas spruce, thereby creating a tree which would glow green both day and night, without adding a cent to your electricity bill.”

The Jubbling part of me is leaning toward “Yay! This might reduce the amount of electricity we consume lighting our Christmas tree.” But the other part of me has seen the movie “The Hulk” and knows this won’t turn out well. Sorry Jubbling; I’m listening to part 2 this time. [Treehugger]


Designed By Didi Senft: Santa On A Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Bicycle.

Santa on a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer bicycle.  -  Didi SenftIn addition to building the world’s largest bicycle, German bike designer Didi Senft can now add the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer bicycle to his list of accomplishments. Sure beats the usual gas-powered parade float. [Laughing Squid]


Sorry Kids. All I Want For Christmas Is For You To NOT Build A Wasteful Gingerbread House This Year.

Gingerbread Millennium Falcon

Gingerbread Millennium Falcon

In the US, it sure seems like our end-of-year holidays are highlighted by waste. Halloween Jack O’ lanterns, Thanksgiving turkey (35% wasted) and once-living Christmas trees are all valued guests prior and during their respective holiday but become unwelcome squatters immediately following. That’s because they’re a symptom of our post-holiday hangover and helping them find the trash is the only cure.

Gingerbread House KitThat’s why Jubbling would like to add one more holiday item to the not list: the Gingerbread House. Here’s why:

  1. How many Gingerbread Houses have you built during Christmas?
  2. Of those, how many have you eaten completely?

If your first answer matched your second, we’re non-judgementally impressed. For most people though, the Gingerbread House might get picked clean of its Skittles, Red Vines, frosting and some roof but the remaining Gingerbread Slum will probably meet the garbage can soon after Christmas. We’ve been there and that’s why we’re NOT buying a Gingerbread House kit this year.

Destroyed Gingerbread HouseOf course we could still build and decorate an edible tiny home using graham crackers and homemade icing. Going small, without losing the festive-fun, is not a bad option.

But the Gingerbread House kit is out. I think we’ve disposed a lifetime’s worth of gingerbread in the last 10 years and it’s a good time to give up one wasteful habit.

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Four-Ingredient Homemade Breath Mint Recipe From The Burlap Bag.

Homemade Breath Mints from The Burlap Bag.I think I figured out why Altoids come in a tin. If they didn’t, consumers would be pretty upset about spending $2.00 for less than 2 ounces of product. Thank goodness for The Burlap Bag’s latest DIY homemade breath mint recipe. With permission from The Burlap Bag, here’s how you can make your own breath mints and avoid (or reuse) the tin.

Homemade breath mints - ingredients.

  • 1 cup powdered gum paste mix
  • Some pepperment extract/flavor (don’t you love my exact measurements? add it until you like the taste.)
  • Powdered xylitol (or powdered sugar)
  • 1 tablespoon-ish water
Step 1, 2 & 3: Pour 1 tablespoon of water into 1 cup of powdered gum paste and mix it up. (word to the wise, please do this in a bowl and do not attempt to mix it on a piece of wax paper.)

Mix it/knead it until it’s all one solid mass of “dough”. If it’s too dry, add a little water. Too wet, add more gum paste mix. Common sense here, people.

Add in some peppermint extract! Add a teaspoon and see how you like the taste. Not strong enough for your taste? Add another teaspoon. And another. And another. Maybe you’re hoping for curiously strong… just go ahead and be crazy and add the whole bottle. (just kidding, that might be crazy. but now i’m curious…)

Mix and knead homemade mints.
Knead and add mint.
Step 4: Flatten it like a pancake on a surface of powdered xylitol/powdered sugar on wax paper. You could use a rolling pin but those things are my worst enemy! I always get everything all stuck to the roller. So I just flattened it with my hands. Make it the thickness of a normal breath mint…. maybe 1/4 of an inch?

Flatten homemade mints.
Step 5: Here’s the fun part! Cut out your little breath mints. You could literally just cut them into squares. Or use a big bubble tea straw as a cookie cutter and get PERFECT sized breath mints. Pull up the left over dough and roll it out again and keep going until all your dough is done.

Cutting out homemade mints.
Step 6: Lightly toss them in the leftover xylitol/powdered sugar that’s on your wax paper. This helps them not stick together.

Lightly toss your freshly cut homemade mints.
Step 7: Let them dry out for a couple of hours. They are pretty much ready to eat – but if you want them to get a bit harder, just leave them out. Then ENJOY ENJOY!

Homemade mints.

Founded by Lauren and Josiah, The Burlap Bag store and website is everything that is right about consuming less. They’re not out there pounding the eco-green friendly drum; they’re just helping people discover ways to consume less and do so in a self-deprecating, non-elitist tone. We need more places like The Burlap Bag. (Thanks Lauren!)