Wireless Companies Want To Build More Cell Transmitters Into Existing Church Steeples, Bell Towers And Crosses.

Cell transmitters and towers built into existing church bell towers, steeples and crosses.Moving forward, how will wireless companies reduce the cost and number of newly-built cell transmitters in restrictive communities? By embedding cell transmitters into the steeples, crosses and bell towers of neighborhood churches.

Moving forward, how will churches attract more members to their congregation? By providing the best cell signal in the neighborhood. [LA Times]


Christians Giving Up Carbon For Lent

Carbon Fasting for LentI read a great and hopefully inspiring article on Treehugger, “Thousands of Christians ‘Give Up’ Carbon for Lent”, about Christians going on a Carbon Fast during the 40 days of Lent. Each day, a new penitence or sacrifice is added including lowering the thermostat by one degree, picking up one piece of litter and using a clothesline.

Back in October 2010, we wrote about six Kansas towns that rallied around faith and the idea of earth stewardship to reduce their consumption of electricity. They managed to cut back by their energy use by an average of 5% when a 1.5% reduction is considered significant. It’s nice to hear about faith motivating people to consume less. [Treehugger]

Related link: Archdiocese of Washington Lenten Calendar (PDF)


We believe in Jubbling!!!

That might’ve been the chant overheard as this train cruised through Pakistan but I think it’s just wishful thinking on my part. Two things you didn’t hear were “where the hell is my luggage?” and “can somebody fix the shitter!?”. It’s just another example of international Jubbling that may not work in the US but is much more common in the rest of the world. With faith guiding this train and not a woman in sight, these guys are happy and actually smiling as they return home from a religious pilgrimage. It’s like a Jubbling bachelor party except everyone comes home unashamed. But don’t get me wrong – I’m not about to hop on that train. My role here is to encourage Jubbling and to share Jubbling ideas; participation is not always required.

So keep the faith and keep up the good Jubbling.