A Jubbling Exclusive: We Discovered What Happens To The Ostrich Pillow When It Grows Up.

Ostrich PillowThe micro-environment creating Ostrich Pillow is an in-office, in-airport, in-park and in-stuck in traffic nap generating chunk of awesomeness. It even made it on Treehugger (Eco-Friendly Mag) and Ecouterre. Jubbling had to find out more about the Ostrich Pillow and that’s when we stumbled upon the cold weather bodysuit (Ostrich Pillow 2.0?) from Femke Agema.

Femke Agema designed cold weather body suit.
Watch your ass Snuggie! [Femke Agema via Neatorama]


Just Added Kopi Luwak (Civet Turd Coffee) To My Unbucket List.

Don't Drink Kopi Luwak!!!The first guy to brew and drink Kopi Luwak coffee deserves a Jubbling patch – the people drinking it today deserve a nut-shot. Kopi Luwak, the world’s most expensive coffee, is made from post-digested coffee berry beans that are dug out of Asian palm civet crap. A pound of this shitted coffee sells for $230. The popularity of Kopi Luwak coffee has skyrocketed thanks in part to a mention of the drink in the 2007 film “The Bucket List.” Unfortunately, the Asian palm civet hasn’t benefited from the boom. The Guardian posted an article on how the crazy interest in Kopi Luwak has led to force-fed farming conditions for the Asian palm civet that can only be compared to the gluttony scene in the film Se7en.

Sorry Kopi Luwak, you are now on my unbucket list. Mr. Kopi Luwak (?) was a Jubbling award winner when he dug some beans out of a Asian civet dookie, roasted it and then plugged his nose and drank the first sip of the drink that now bears his name. Jubbling can’t help but feel that choosing to drink it today would make you feel like how Kopi Luwak is delivered. [Guardian]


Jubbling Hopes These Vintage Jeans Sandal Boots Are Repurposed From Nearly Discarded Vintage Jeans And Not NEW Vintage Jeans.

Vintage Jeans Sandal Boots from DaniKshoesThese Vintage Jeans Sandal Boots are obviously not for me. They’re stylish and fashionable [?] so they would never find a home on my feet. But are they Jubbling and made from nearly-landfill jeans or are they made from new vintage jeans? We hope it’s the former. [Laughing Squid]]


Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooled Shirts And Pants. BTW: In Japanese, Kuchofuku Means “Only A Dumb Ass Would Buy These…”

Kuchofuku Battery-Powered Air-Conditioned PantsAfter reading about the Kuchofuku battery-powered, air-conditioned shirt/pant combo, the first thing I thought of was the de-motivational poster about Japan. Gizmodo editor, Molly Oswaks, had a better take on this bad idea by simply recommending a more Jubbling alternative: shorts. [Gizmodo]

Japan: Producing 78% of the world's weird shit since 1952.


What To Do With Your Kid’s Old Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Card Dress - Jyoti MishraWhat should you do with your kid’s old Pokemon cards? We suggest sending them to this woman and so she can make a dress out of them. She might be one of the few people that can pull it off. [GeeksareSexy Photo by Jyoti Mishra]


RayFish Footwear Stingray Shoes: If You Can Afford It, You Can Consume It. ‘Should You?’ Never Considered.

RayFish Footwear’s custom $1800 sneaker idea sucks on many levels. Here’s how the sucking happens:

  1. Choose a shoe design/style.
  2. Choose stingrays by color and/or pattern.
  3. RayFish Footwear will combine their DNA to create a blended design.
  4. Wait for genetically altered stingrays to mature.
  5. RayFish Footwear will harvest the stingrays and make your custom shoes.

But the suckaging doesn’t stop there. Even RayFish Footwear’s slogan, “one fish, one shoe,” seems to be a play on TOMS Shoe’s “One for One”.

By coining One fish, one shoe, RayFish Footwear wants you to believe they are doing something sustainable; like it’s a “farm-to-table” situation as pointed out in the FastCo.Design article. But there’s nothing edible or local about their stingray shoes – they’re just crazy-expensive, unnecessary fashion statements that are made in Thailand for people that have more money than sense.

So no, RayFish shoes are not a parody taken from the SkyMaul catalog. The true joke, though, is the dumbass who’ll pay $1800 for these f’d up shoes. [FastCo.Design]