Is The $5500 Volitude Fold-Up Pedal-Assist Swiss-Army Electric Bike Worth Getting?

Volitude V1 Pedal-Assist Electric BikeThe Volitude V1 kind of looks like a roided-up Razor scooter with pedals and a seat. At $5500, the Volitude V1 weighs 60 lbs, is speed-limited to 16 mph and has a range of 25 miles**. Recharging the removable battery takes approx 4 hours to hit 80% charge and 6 hours to fully recharge.

So should you buy it? The Volitude V1 looks like it would be a lot of fun to ride around my imagined mansion grounds but I don’t think I would ever commute with it. And the fact that it’s speed-limited to 16 mph or less wouldn’t allow me to outrun the taunts of other cyclists and teasing kids.

Who would buy the Volitude V1? Thanks to its compact size, the Volitude V1 would be great for a designated driver taxi service. Price is still steep but Swiss engineering isn’t cheap. [Gizmag]

**Range depends on the terrain and how much the rider pedals.


BIGFOOT, The Original Monster Truck, Goes Electric. Judging By Youtube Comments, It’s Not Well Received.

“Look, I’ve been a Bigfoot fan forever and I understand why you’re doing what your’e doing (I think). But an Electric Monster Truck? Really? It’s just a scaled up version of the Bigfoot PowerWheels I had when I was a kid. Take away that V8 with the four figure horsepower, and that tremendous noise, and it just becomes boring. I could barely stand to watch this video.”
Comment on EV BIGFOOT from theranter on

There are trolls and then there are really disappointed people. Based on the comments on the BIGFOOT electric Monster Truck’s Youtube page, there are a lot of disappointed people. The folks behind “The Original Monster Truck” BIGFOOT built an EV version and it’s getting the type of reception only reserved for a vegan professional wrestler.

BIGFOOT Electric Monster Truck.
Jubbling thinks it’s great. The greens and the Monster Truck fans, who love the noise and the smell of diesel, probably think an electric Monster Truck is a bad idea for opposing reasons. But whether the EV BIGFOOT wins or not, it’s a change for a normally diesel-fueled event and brings electric vehicles to the forefront. And maybe in the eyes of a few young Monster Truck fans, electrical vehicles will be considered cool thanks to EV BIGFOOT – especially if dad is cheering against it. [Gizmag]


Pedal And Solar-Powered ELF Electric-Assist Vehicle From Organic Transit.

Organic Transit's ELF Electric-Assist Vehicle
Organic Transit’s
ELF ($4000) is three-wheeled, one-person electric-assist vehicle that can be recharged via a rooftop solar panel, pedaling or by wall-charging the ELF’s removable battery. Its slim design and bicycle classification allows the ELF to travel on the road or bike paths in all 50 states. The ELF can travel up to 30 miles on one charge and it’s also able to carry approx 350 lbs of cargo in addition to the rider.

Organic Transit has turned to Kickstarter to help raise funds and their timing couldn’t be better – pitching a product called ELF in December couldn’t hurt fundraising. [Clean Technica]


Larry Hagman Was Much More Than J. R. Ewing.

Larry Hagman's Solar Array

” Now, not everyone can put in the gonzo [solar] array I did; however, we can all learn from the mistakes of the past and make positive differences right now and for the future.” – Larry Hagman, 2011

If you get a chance, please visit Larry Hagman’s website and read his open letter about making life changes, solar energy and the future. Mr. Hagman (1931-2012) wrote the inspirational letter in 2011 and reading it is well worth your time. [MNN]


Bridgestone Angelino Petite Assita E-Bike Lets One Rugrat Ride In The Front And One Ride In The Rear.

Bridgestone Angelino Petite Assista E-bikeBridgestone’s latest Angelino Petite Assista ($1800) electric-assist bicycle has room for three passengers. Currently only available in Japan, the Angelino Petite Assista has a range of 20+ miles per charge and builds on Bridgestone’s e-bike line by adding a safety seat for a rear passenger.

The Angelino Petite Assista e-bike looks amazing but I’m not sure I would bite on it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having a helmeted little guy on the front of the bike to shield me from the wind and bugs. But kids can be squirrely and having them riding on the handlebars just doesn’t reek of safety to me.

Burley Encore 2012 Bike TrailerMaybe a better way to go is to get the e-bike you want and look into a Burley bike trailer. A Burley Encore® trailer will safely carry 2 kids and you’ll still have room for groceries. Plus, you can disconnect the Burley bike trailer any time you want to ride your e-bike solo. The e-bike / Burley combo is available now and with some shopping around, you may be able to buy them together at a price comparable to the Bridgestone Angelino Petite Assista. [Treehugger]


Can You Drive A 2012 Tesla Model S From Los Angeles To Las Vegas On A Single Charge?

On a recent episode of Wide Open Throttle (WOT), host Jessi Lang and Motor Trend’s Technical Director Frank Markus attempted to drive Elon Musk’s 2012 Tesla Model S from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on a single charge. In order to accomplish this 220+ mile trip on one charge, Lang and Markus had to drive with the air conditioner turned off and they drove up hills below the speed limit. Watch the video to see how if they were successful.

Of course Jessi Lang and Frank Marcus aren’t the first to push a car to it’s range limits. Cosmo Kramer, of Kramerica Corporation, attempted a similar feat on an episode of Seinfeld. Yes, Kramer was driving a gas powered car but the sentiment is the same. Giddy up! [Treehugger]