Joupi Toy Store Bag Only Smiles When It’s Full

Gizmodo posted an article, “Clever Shopping Bag Only Puts a Smile on Kids’ Faces When It’s Full,” about French toy chain, Joupi, and their shopping bag that smiles when it has items in it. Designed by Euro RSCG 360, the bag is simple and creative.

Here’s the part where we could get our Jubbling up in a bunch and make a statement about how the Joupi toy store bag is all about consumption and waste but we’re not going to. Our feeling is that if you’re lucky enough to get one of these creative bags, you’ll reuse it more than you would a normal shopping bag. Now, if they could only license this idea to lingerie stores… [Gizmodo]


Carbon Neutral Indoor Ski Resort Makes Everything Else Carbon Neutral Suck More

Ok, we survived Seattle’s Snowmageddon last week but had to suffer another post-free week. Of course I blame my kids for this and will now find a way to put them to work furthering the Jubbling cause.
Proposed Carbon Neutral Indoor Ski Resort in Barcelona
What did we miss? How about the proposed indoor carbon neutral ski resort that is planned for 2015 in Barcelona Spain. Yes, they need snow because it’s not available year round and to appease and appeal to the green folks, they’ll make it carbon neutral by using the cool energy that is generated when sub-zero liquefied natural gas is converted back to its gaseous state. In addition to the converted natural gas, the indoor ski resort will use solar and plant waste to power the facility. Dutch company SnowWorld, builder’s of Dubai’s indoor Ski Dubai, will be construct the facility in partnership with B01 Arquitectes of Barcelona.

Jubbling’s take: Nature defying projects like this kill us. Yes, they are making an effort to consume less resources and we normally see good in those kind of efforts. But this “tickle and slap” faux environmental-sensitivity drives us nuts! Save the layer of green paint, take a step back and just admire the amount of sucking that goes into a project like an indoor ski resort built in a city that most people want to escape to during the winter months. Instead of figuring out how to build it, they should really wonder why. []


Mobile Treadmill Brings Jubbling To Senior Citizens?

Ok, it’s probably way out there but the mobile treadmill out of Japan is worth a post. The mobile treadmill, which is like a human-powered Segway, was developed by Fujie Lab at Japan’s Waseda University. Here’s the video:

[youtube width=”425″ height=”270″][/youtube]

The mobile treadmill amplifies a walker’s normal pace and allows the user to travel 1.5 – 3 times faster than normal walking. Targeting seniors, the mobile treadmill would enable its senior user to move through crowds easier and reach their destination a little quicker. I’m sure a turn signal could be added and a horn. But the seat-belt dragging on the ground outside the driver’s side door is going to be more difficult to replicate.

Wall-e Movie Captain McCreaIs it truly viable? Probably not. Is it Jubbling? A little. Ideas like this are more about research and it does bring to mind what would’ve happened if the Segway took off the way they expected it to. I think the movie Wall-E does a good job of capturing the results of a Segway powered society.

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Sorry Kids, Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Won’t Make You Look Older. Just Nerdier.

Wow – I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for the last year because I haven’t participated in the e-smoke revolution of e-cigarettes. One of the leading players in the e-smoke rebellion is Green Smoke out of Miami. Green Smoke produces an e-cigarette in multiple flavors and nicotine settings for all levels of smoker. Green Smoke CartridgesWhen you place your Green Smoke order, you can pre-select your nicotine setting and flavor:

  • 0 mg (e-smoke but no nicotine)
  • 4 mg (ultra-light)
  • 6 mg (light)
  • 8 mg (full-flavored)
  • 16 mg (buttless)

Electronic cigarettes were originally developed in 2003 by SBT Co. Ltd out of Beijing. Through separate product releases to the public first in China and then the European Union in 2006 and 2007, electronic cigarettes gained a following as a smoking substitute rather than a smoking cessation product. That’s because you still get all of the nicotine addiction with e-cigarettes without the tar, CO and other carcinogens you inhale when you smoke tobacco based cigarettes.

How do e-cigarettes work?
E-cigarettes could best be described as a nicotine delivering, smoking simulator. It’s the nicotine that smokers want and with Green Smoke’s e-cigarettes, it’s delivered in vapor form when an e-smoker inhales. For Green Smoke, it’s a 2 piece setup:

Greensmoke E-Cigarette

The LED activates when the user inhales giving an e-smoker the feeling of actually smoking. Simultaneously, the atomizer initiates and turns the water into steam and the nicotine into vapor for the “green smoke” effect. Each atomizer/nicotine cartridge costs around $3 and is the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes.

Is Green Smoke a Jubbling oxymoron like “clean coal”?
Yes, switching to Green Smoke will reduce secondhand smoke and reduce the number of butts you see on the ground but is that enough to make it Jubbling? I’m not sure and I don’t think companies like Green Smoke are sure either. As we’ve found, sometimes surrounding your product with terms like “green” or “eco” is all you need to gain wider market acceptance. Ten years ago Green Smoke might’ve been called “Extreme Nicotine” to appeal to the kids but now, the buzz word is green so you slap that moniker on any new product and hope you get some play out of it.

Jubbling, however, is a label that you really have to earn and as much as I want it to catch on, I promise not to put the Jubbling name on any type of nicotine delivery product. Condoms and enemas are one thing but addictive products are not on our radar.

Watch the video with the head of the newly formed Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA). And yes, that is a picture of Hee Haw’s Roy Clark hanging on the wall behind him.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”275″][/youtube]

Here is a testimonial from a Green Smoke e-cigarette smoker and Mensa member blowing the vapor in his cats face to show how friendly the product is. (If you feel dirty after watching this video, please click on the ASPCA banner to the right and donate.)

[youtube width=”425″ height=”319″][/youtube]


“White Goat, I’d Like You To Meet Solar Bra. Solar Bra, White Goat.”

The White Goat from Oriental Co.

The ‘White Goat’ doesn’t seem real but according to DigInfo, Japan’s Oriental Co. has trumped the marketplace by creating the first in-office recycle solution that turns shredded office documents into toilet paper. Here is how it works:

The shredded paper first goes into a hopper, where it is untangled in small batches, and it’s then dissolved in a pulper. Any foreign matter is removed in a tank, and the pulp consistency is adjusted. Next, the wet paper is thinned out and dried. The dry paper is wound into finished toilet rolls, which emerge from the outlet one at a time. [DigInfo]

Other than the Irritable Bowel Convention circuit, I don’t see Oriental Co.’s White Goat getting much traction in the market. The $106,000 price tag alone will have most businesses crapping their pants and the wasted space and resources to run it may drive away the rest of its market. But is it Jubbling? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”275″][/youtube]


ecoATM: Where Jubbling Meets Capitalism

A guy walks into a bar with a pile of crap in his hands and he says to the bartender – “look at what I almost stepped in!”

ecoATM WebsiteSan Diego, CA  10/1/2009 – I’m not sure how to classify this new Jubbling concept out of ecoATM.  It’s founded on “green” ideals that we need to automate our processes for recycling old electronics and specifically cell phones.  Great idea.  But the best way ecoATM decided to do this was through a large ATM being placed in a retail space and I think that is where they’ve lost me and some of their Jubbling.  Their goal is admirable but the delivery system they’ve created, the actual ecoATM, is truly “back-assward” and seems to defeat the purpose of what it’s trying to do and that is to be Jubbling.

One of the team members, Seth Heine, founded two other companies for recycling cellphones – Collective Good and  Both sites operate on the same principles as NextWorth and handle your cellphone recycling via the mail.  So why make the move to ecoATM?  I’m not really sure but the only ecoATM advantage of the ecoATM system is that it might get more traffic and recycle more phones due to our high immediate need to receive value for an old cellphone.  The irony is that it might also be a good way to fence a stolen cellphone.

Now I don’t want to bash ecoATM too much because again, it’s Jubbling and I’m hoping the founders intentions were noble and rooted in doing something positive.  It looks like Seth Heine has been Jubbling for a while but I’m not sure of his compadres on the ecoATM team; all smarter than me, but they seem to be standing behind the “green” movement like it’s a corporate shield.   I can only imagine what their executive meetings are like when you bring a group together made up of members looking at the “collective good” sitting across from members who are all about the bottomline.

I am willing to offer my help, unpaid as usual, to the folks at ecoATM for future versions of their product.  We’ll call it ecoATM .2 and it will consist of a cardboard box with a person standing in it holding a pad of post-its, a pen, 12 potted saplings and a paper garbage bag for your cell phone.  ecoATM .2 will go through a week of training on the cellphones they’ll take back and what they’re worth.  If your phone has value, you’ll get a store credit from our guy.  If not, you’ll get a sapling.

Check out their website for when an ecoATM [or ecoATM .2] will be in your area and see what you think. It’s seems to be kind of a Jubbling oxymoron and for now, I’m sticking with NextWorth until I’m proven wrong.  They’ll recycle/reuse more than just cellphones and they seem to have a more effective business model.