Joupi Toy Store Bag Only Smiles When It’s Full

Gizmodo posted an article, “Clever Shopping Bag Only Puts a Smile on Kids’ Faces When It’s Full,” about French toy chain, Joupi, and their shopping bag that smiles when it has items in it. Designed by Euro RSCG 360, the bag is simple and creative.

Here’s the part where we could get our Jubbling up in a bunch and make a statement about how the Joupi toy store bag is all about consumption and waste but we’re not going to. Our feeling is that if you’re lucky enough to get one of these creative bags, you’ll reuse it more than you would a normal shopping bag. Now, if they could only license this idea to lingerie stores… [Gizmodo]


Everything You Didn’t Want To Know About Canadian Tar Sand Oil

Extracting oil from tar sands

Processing plant extracting oil from tar sands.

How do you extract oil from sand? Simply put, you pick up and crush 50,000+ sq miles of earth, heat the heck out of it, and then sprinkle in some chemicals to separate out the oil from the sand and water. That is currently how oil is extracted from the tar sands and there’s enough of it in Calgary’s Athabasca oil sands to make Canada the world’s 2nd largest producer of oil. As oil goes, tar sand oil is not that pretty and it costs 3 times as much to produce as oil from a drilled well. The environmental land damage from this type of surface mining is not calculated in the cost but alone, the amount of resources needed to separate the oil from sand makes tar sand oil the world’s most expensive.

I’d mostly stayed away from the tar sands and Keystone XL pipeline story until I read a great article by Carl Pope in The Huffington Post. Mr. Pope is the former Executive Director of the Sierra Club and if you get a chance, read “The Myths Behind the Tar Sands Stampede.”

Related article: Pollutants from Tar Sands Sites Comparable to Mid-Sized City


So, Is The Planet Getting Hotter Or Colder?

The NY Times Green Blog is one of my favorite sites for information about climate change, renewable energy and everything related. The release time of these two articles, “A Very Warm January” and “On Our Radar: The Danube Ices Over,” probably could’ve been better. Climate skeptics may use these articles as proof that there isn’t any man-made climate change going on; the weather difference equals out. But the reality is that these two articles highlight the extreme weather events that will be a part of our changing climate and that we should expect more of this in the future.
NY Times Green Blog for February 9th, 2012


Carbon Neutral Indoor Ski Resort Makes Everything Else Carbon Neutral Suck More

Ok, we survived Seattle’s Snowmageddon last week but had to suffer another post-free week. Of course I blame my kids for this and will now find a way to put them to work furthering the Jubbling cause.
Proposed Carbon Neutral Indoor Ski Resort in Barcelona
What did we miss? How about the proposed indoor carbon neutral ski resort that is planned for 2015 in Barcelona Spain. Yes, they need snow because it’s not available year round and to appease and appeal to the green folks, they’ll make it carbon neutral by using the cool energy that is generated when sub-zero liquefied natural gas is converted back to its gaseous state. In addition to the converted natural gas, the indoor ski resort will use solar and plant waste to power the facility. Dutch company SnowWorld, builder’s of Dubai’s indoor Ski Dubai, will be construct the facility in partnership with B01 Arquitectes of Barcelona.

Jubbling’s take: Nature defying projects like this kill us. Yes, they are making an effort to consume less resources and we normally see good in those kind of efforts. But this “tickle and slap” faux environmental-sensitivity drives us nuts! Save the layer of green paint, take a step back and just admire the amount of sucking that goes into a project like an indoor ski resort built in a city that most people want to escape to during the winter months. Instead of figuring out how to build it, they should really wonder why. []


North Korea In The Dark. Reflection Of Failed Dictatorship Or Future Home Of Jubbling Asia?

Lights out over North Korea at night.Gizmodo posted an article about the “bleak circumstances” facing North Korea due to the policies of their former leader Kim Jong-Il. How did they represent this? By showing a satellite image with no lights turned on in North Korea at night. So as Jubbling goes, maybe there was one upside.


Man Illegally Dumps Over 1 Million Tires Across England

Carl David Steele Serves 15 Months In Prison For Illegally Dumping 1 Million+ Used TiresIt’s amazing the bad things people will do when money is on the line. In an effort to avoid tire disposal fees at official waste sites, Carl David Steele of FCM Logistics Ltd. collected and then illegally dumped 1 million+ tires across England from October 2009 until January 2011. His operation first received the attention of the Environment Agency in 2009 for storing thousands of used tires without a license. Little did they know at the time but the EA only saw the tip of his soon-to-be illegally dumped tire empire. Mr. Steel will serve 15 months in prison for his crime and it will cost everyone else approximately $800,000 to clean up his mess. [Guardian and Lynn News]

AnneMarie van Splunter Rubber Tree PlaygroundAnd in fabricated news, the new Carl David Steele Tire Playground will be opening near a refugee camp on the Thai border in 2014. Designed by AnneMarie van Splunter and built out of used tires, the huge and freakishly crazy “Rubber Tree” will be the ideal playground structure for kids whose parents are not in a position to complain about how unsafe it is. [Inhabitat]