Ando’s Nurscal Instantaneous Deodorizer Machine Kind Of Stinks. (Video)

Say hello to Ando’s Nurscal. The Nurscal Instantaneous Deodorizer Machine was built by a joint team from industry and a chemical engineering group from Kanto Gakuin University to suck up the odors associated with diaper changes. The team built a model for hospital use and a home version. Both models use mesopore activated charcoal which has larger pores to absorb a wider range of odors compared to store bought charcoal.

Seeing an opportunity, a joint team made up of experts in Jubbling and an eleven year old kid have developed a competing product. Less about absorption and more about prevention, our crack team created and tested a lower cost odor-fighting alternative that is already available on the market and attaches to your nose. We call it the Clothespin (v2.0). [DigInfo via Gizmodo]

Clothespin v 2.0


Cardboard Prom Dress Is Much Better Than MY Cardboard Prom Date

Cardboard and paper bag prom dress.The kids today are so much savvier than we were and the cardboard prom dress is just one more example.

Missouri high school student Maura put together her dress for this year’s prom using all 3 layers of a corrugated cardboard box and paper bags. The top section of the dress is made out of cardboard that was first spray-painted and then glittered. The bottom part of the dress is made out of painted paper bags. Visit Everything Dresses for her previous handmade prom dresses including one that was crafted out of Dorito bags.

Maura’s prom dress last year was made out of pull-tabs and that got us thinking about a possible eHarmony Jubbling love connection… [BoingBoing] Pull Tab Phillies Shirt and Pull Tab Prom Dress

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Reason #293 To Hate The Mountain Pine Beetle: They Now Get Lucky Twice As Often As I Do

Mountain pine beetle has Jim Inhofe as its wingmanThe mountain pine beetle, or bark beetle, is a nasty little bugger. Basically, it’ll bore a hole into a pine tree, cut off its circulation of water up and carbs down and eventually kill the tree. Depending on the health of the tree, it can take up to 2000 beetles, but usually less, to bring down a pine whose only defense is pitching them out with resin/sap.

The pine beetle has always been a pain in the ass but now, scientists have discovered that its destructive spread has grown exponentially because they’re getting two mating sessions per summer versus the normal one. How did they work it?

According to Jeffry Mitton from the University of Colorado, the pine beetles did nothing special to double their ability to get bootie… it’s our fault. We warmed up the planet nicely so pine beetles emerge in May instead of August and the pre-maturely parched pine trees are less able to fight them off. Then, after gorging on pine trees, they do what any bug would do and start schtupping. Thanks to the extended summer, pine beetles now get busy and lay their 60 eggs twice each summer leading to an exponential increase in tree chewing larvae and forest destruction. We’re kind of a pest-pimp. The mountain pine beetle is now destroying 10 times as much acreage as they have in any other recorded decade.

You can read more about the management techniques used for controlling the spread of the mountain pine beetles but it sure sucks knowing that we’re helping this bastard of a bug get more tail. I wonder, if in some Men In Black kind of way, one of these horny pests bored a hole into the head of, and is now controlling Jim Inhofe. That’s the only way I could understand why he would write his irresponsible book claiming climate change is a hoax. [NY Times]

[vimeo width=”360″ height=”203″][/vimeo]


Final Post On Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards: Elementary School Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day! As with every holiday, we pulled through it with some last minute heroics. We didn’t buy the pre-packaged cards this year and my kids were able to participate in the design of their classroom Valentines. I have to come clean, I’m definitely not one of those parents who patiently works with their kids on baking or craft projects; I’m skilled at impatiently not-working on projects with my kids. But making the Valentine’s cards from scratch was easy and my kids had fun making it their own. Here are their final Valentine’s cards:

Spongie Brad No-Pants Valentines CardSpongie Brad No-Pants Valentines Card – Didn’t want to infringe on any copyrights so we went the knock-off route. Harry just filled in the blanks with his classmate’s name and a word to describe them (ie funny, nice, crazy etc.). Had to slip in a plug for the Burj Khalifa too. BTW: did you know the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at 2,651 feet? I hear it almost everyday.

You're A Treat Card You’re A Treat Card – So my daughter did go with the You’re a treat card with a slight modification. She added the “JK” (Just Kidding) because she’s too nice to not give something. She also insisted on not including or writing her name on the card just in case. I think she’ll be an attorney.

Pro Bottled Water Video From International Bottle Water Association Is “Dum”

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]Whenever I watch videos like this one from, I swear that Saddam Hussein’s former marketing and public relation’s guys are behind it. This is going to backfire and the insulting video is only going to strengthen the resolve of students wanting bottled water taken off their campuses.

The International Bottle Water Association (IBWA) has a tough job trying to convince people, especially starving students, to pay for something they can get for free. They would be better off having their members take their bottled water out of a store and show what it’s replaced with – energy drinks, soda in plastic bottles, Boones Farm etc. Then maybe post some pictures of people who over-drink these items.

But the IBWA is instead choosing to go after students and question what they should find important. Their marketing is so bad, it makes me want to drink bottled water even less and I don’t drink the stuff. To make things right with me, I guess I’ll have to find empty plastic water bottles, refill them with tap water and put them back in the store cooler for sale. [Grist]


Homemade Valentine’s Cards For The Classroom

Valentines Card PacksDefinitely don’t want to leave the kids out; they probably need more help with Valentine’s cards than their parents. That’s because if your kids are elementary school age, they have to bring Valentine’s cards for everyone in their class – even for the kids they don’t like. For us, it’s been an annual trip to the Rite Aid where we spend 15+ minutes choosing one of the over-packaged Valentine card kits with SpongeBob, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter etc. The card is like gift wrap and is quickly peeled off and forgotten while the treats are collected and traded like prison cigarettes.

But don’t fret this year because Jubbling can help and you won’t have to leave your house. Our sample homemade classroom Valentine’s cards were created more to inspire but if you see one you like, it’s yours free of charge. It’s your call if you want attach a sticker, tattoo or candy to your homemade Valentine’s card but staying at home and making more memorable classroom cards yourself is the key to your kid’s Jubbling Valentines.

Pre-Recycled Classroom/Kids Valentine's Card Pre-Recycled Valentine’s Card – This is the easy way out card. Use at own risk.
Download printer ready PDF.

Homemade joke Valentine's card for kids Valentine’s Day Joke Card – Wasn’t sure about this one but my kids thought it was funny. Just the word poop alone can bring down the house with the 3rd grade and under crowd. Sprinkle in some Valentines message and you’ve got a winner.
Download printer ready PDF.

Homemade kid's Valentine's card for the classroom bully. Valentine’s Day Card For The Classroom Bully – If Valentine’s day is your kids last day at their school and they have a bully in their class, this is your card. Ideally your kid will have two bullies in their class so they can sign it from/to each bully.

You can also substitute the penny with a piece of copper wire to get the same effect.

You are the treat - homemade classroom Valentine's card You Are A Treat – My daughter is planning on handing out this card. It has a positive message and replaces the need for an actual treat.
Download printer ready PDF.