Reality Sucks Advertisement From General Motors

General Motor’s Reality Sucks ad showing the cyclist shielding his face in embarrassment for cycling instead of driving is pretty funny. What isn’t captured or explained in the ad is that the cyclist is wearing crotchless biking pants and the woman in the car is his mother. So don’t get upset cyclists, here’s your motivation to bike more and you can thank General Motors for that. Stop Pedaling and Start Driving Advertisement From General Motors
Stop Pedaling And Start Driving

The Shrinking Ice Of Greenland: Could The New Times Comprehensive Atlas Be A Prophecy?

Greenland Map Controversy - The Times Comprehensive World AtlasHarperCollins, publisher of The Times Comprehensive Atlas, got kicked pretty hard recently for publishing their atlas’s 13th edition with Greenland’s ice coverage reduced by 15%. News about the receding ice of Greenland traveled quickly but it was soon countered by scientist who doubted the accuracy of the new map. HarperCollins at first defended their updated map but then issued a press release apologizing for their error. Personally, I don’t think the accuracy of the map is going to affect my future not-visits to Greenland but I do have one concern – were the cartographers at HarperCollins thinking ahead a couple editions?


Hug It Forward Builds Guatemala School Using Empties And Not Bricks

School in Guatemala Built from plastic bottles - Hug It Forward.Hug It Forward, a non-profit group based in Guatemala, has just built a new school for less than $10,000 by using empty plastic bottles as construction material. It’s one of 12 schools built by Hug it Forward using collected plastic bottles and some low-technology developed by PureVida. From Good:

The plastic bottles are stuffed with trash, tucked between supportive chicken wire, and coated in layers of concrete to form walls between the framing. The bottles make up the insulation, while more structurally sound materials like wood posts are used for the framing.

By collecting the empty plastic bottles that go into the building of their school, the kids will not only get an education but they’ll also get a lesson in Jubbling.
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It’s Spring Break And Nothing Is Going On But These Planter Mailboxes

Jubbling is kind of taking this week off to honor spring and its break. Not much to report anyway other than the fact that the United States is #3 in clean energy spending – we won the bronze medal! I get the feeling we’d strive for the gold if we looked at the move to clean energy the same way we looked at the arms race.

Mailbox Planters on University of Washington CampusOn a lighter note, my kids and I did spot these cool planter mailboxes on our tour of the University of Washington campus. They kind of looked like something out of “Life After People” and that was good enough for my kids.


The Story Of Bottle Water With Annie Leonard

The Story Of Bottled Water” is the latest video from Annie Leonard and the team that created The Story About Stuff video in 2007.

The Story Of Bottled Water follows the rise and acceptance of bottle water as a pseudo healthier alternative to tap water. And the video highlights bottled water’s success as a perfect example of manufactured demand; corporations playing into our fears and selling us on products we don’t need and/or already have. The video’s message is simple and encourages people to reconsider their next purchase of bottled water in favor of normal everyday tap water. In many cases, tap water scores higher than bottled water in quality and blind taste tests.

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Coca-Cola partners with Clemson to step up game-day recycling

From the Clemson University Newsroom.

CLEMSON – Coca-Cola is partnering with Clemson University’s athletic department and the Solid Green campaign to increase recycling on home football game days.

Fans attending the games will notice new recycling bins, provided by Coca-Cola, in each parking lot. Coca-Cola has donated 100 of the bins to the athletic department to be placed in parking lots around campus. The bins themselves are also recycled: each bin is a used syrup container, refurbished by Coca-Cola and converted into a recycling bin.

Some lucky fans may be “caught green-handed” using the bins. Before each game, a camera crew will roam parking lots looking for fans putting cans or bottles in the recycling bins. One fan will be selected to appear on the video screen during the game and will receive a $100 gift card from Coca-Cola.

“Coca-Cola is thrilled to work with Solid Green and Clemson athletics to create a fun recycling campaign for fans. It is our goal to recycle or reuse 100 percent of the bottles and cans used for beverages in the U.S. We hope Tiger fans remember that when they’re done, that bottle is not. It can be recycled,” said Heather Hucks, Coca-Cola senior sponsorship manager for colleges and universities.

Clemson students also will be doing their part to help with the effort. Student organizations will collect cans and bottles from the bins each game day and transport them to the university’s recycling center.

“It is great to see this kind of collaboration happening at Clemson to help enhance our recycling efforts. We appreciate the support of Coca-Cola and the athletic department to make Clemson a greener campus,” said Solid Green chairwoman Rose Ellen Davis-Gross.

Jubbling take: Jubbling: 100%. The chance that one “lucky” underage fan might get flashed on the screen dropping a can in the recycle bin: 95.2%. Chance that it’s a Coke or soda can: 0%