Throw Out Your TV? Charging Your iPhone 5 Only Costs $0.41/Year. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Only $0.53.

Smart phone power consumption comparison chart. Opower.comWe’ve all heard about the Apple/Samsung legal battle but Jubbling now just wants both sides to shake hands, maybe hug it out a little, and work together and encourage users to watch TV/movies on their respective mobile devices. That’s because in comparison, the iPhone 5 ($0.41/year) and Galaxy S3 ($0.53/year) will sip on as little power in a year as a 50″ plasma may consume in a day!

Opower analyzed the power consumption of both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 and compared their results to common consumer electronics found in a home. Obviously, groups of 3 or more people will not crowd around a mobile device to watch television; in that situation, see if an iPad ($1.38/year) will work. But if you’re alone and watching Lost on Netflix Instant, turn off the big TV and watch it on your iPhone/Galaxy S3. [CNET and Opower]


Read About DogTV Today And Had To Self-Kick My Nuts.

DogTV - RIP Planet EarthIn October 2011, Jubbling posted the article “The Doggie Treadmill, Laser Chase Cat Toy, And Litter Robot Should Never Find A Place In Your Home” about some unnecessary products guilty pet owners could buy for their pets. Now Cnet is reporting about a new TV channel specifically for dogs. It’s called DogTV and the programming is geared for stay-at-home dogs and it features dogs fetching, swimming and doing other dog things. DogTV is supported by some animal experts but really? Do we really need to leave our power-gulping TV on all day so our dog won’t feel alone? I hope not and I hope DogTV ends up in the Jubbling “what the hell were we thinking” folder. [Cnet]


Updated $169 Koubachi Wi-Fi Sensor Now Lets Your Outside Plants Tell You When They’re Too Hot And Hungry.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant SensorVersion 2.0 of the Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor is going to hit the market in October 2012 and sell at a price of $169. The updated version now works indoors & outdoors and lets the grower know their plant’s soil moisture level, light and temperature via a free cloud service. A good tool to keep your plants alive if you’ve got that kind of cabbage to spend.

If you don’t have Koubachi type cash on hand, then maybe a Kobayashi Komposter is for you. The Kobayashi Komposter Inspired by the world-famous eating champ, Kobayashi, our planned kompost bin will devour all the plants you kill by not purchasing the Koubachi and more! Of course we’re still waiting for one manufacturer to take us seriously and hoping Kobayashi will return our calls. MSRP: $130.

While we wait for the deal to finalize, Jubbling’s other alternative to the $169 Koubachi is for me to email you twice a week and remind you to “water your freakin plants!” At $50 per year, it’s a bargain. [GizMag]


The Segwaying, iPad Controlled ‘Double’ From Double Robotics Is Another MUSTN’T Have Product.

Ok, I get the idea that some important people want to be in two places at once but going the Double route probably isn’t the solution. The Double is a $1999 Segway’ish rolling-around iPad mounted robot that allows the user to feign a presence when they are not present. Double Robotic's Double It’s managed by a second iPad (sold separately) and according to Double Robotic’s website , it could be used in offices, remote manufacturing facilities, museums, hospitals, homes and on college campuses.

Yes, the Double will allow users to avoid flights (Jubbling?) and be creepily around but the product is wasteful and unnecessary. From the video, the Double is seen attending meetings and motoring through a product development area. My guess is that nothing will fast-track alienation and team deconstructing like sending your Double through the remote office to see how your team is performing. Its watchful eye will more than likely create more problems than it’ll solve.

Stick with Skype, save $2,000 and avoid the creep factor by not investing in your Double. [Geekosystem]


The Wall-Mounted LaunchPort iPad Inductive Charging System Seems Useful. The STRUT Version Seems Useless.

STRUT LaunchPort inductive Charging iPad StandYou know you’re NOT onto something when the accessory your purchasing for your iPad costs more than twice the price of the device. Welcome the STRUT LaunchPort. It’s a chrome-plated, inductive-charging stand for the iPad that will sell complete for $1250.

Not sure why the folks at LaunchPort decided to STRUT it up; their original wall-mounted, inductive charging system was more affordable and looked like a novel way to share an iPad. Of course, the STRUT LaunchPort isn’t the first over-the-top iAccessory. Back in December 2011, we wrote about the $30,000, car-sized Behringer iNuke iPhone speaker.

Jubbling has posted several articles about the advantages of using the low-power consuming iDevices as viewing alternatives to larger televisions. We’ve also written about iAccessories that use very few materials to prop-up and amplify your iDevices. Unfortunately, the STRUT LaunchPort is going in the wrong direction. That’s why we tapped into the brain trust here at Jubbling, bribed a 9-year old with pizza and asked him to build an alternative to the STRUT.

Duplo built iPad standSorry but he could not figure the whole induction charging thing so you’ll have to manually plug-in the power adapter. But on the plus side, the Duplo-based stand he built is solid and only cost us three pieces of pizza to manufacture. [Gizmodo, ChipChick and LaunchPort]


It Gets Worse: Angry Birds App Coming To Humungous Samsung Smart TV’s

Samsung Smart TVs with Smart Interaction Technology and Angry BirdsOur article against porting Android apps to our big-ass TVs with the Ouya console was just settling when we heard news that Angry Birds will be playable on future Samsung Smart TV’s via hand gestures. The popular game was playing just fine with a finger on low-power consuming mobile devices and ideally, it would’ve stayed only mobile. But for consumers, playing bigger is better and we’re now finding that our push to keep mobile games mobile is the losing position as though we chose Betamax. [Crave]