Don’t Be A Sucker By Purchasing An 8 Million Pixel TV With 7 Million Pixels You Can’t See.

Sharp ICC Purios 60-inch 4K LCD TVSharp just announced the release of their new 4K ICC Purios that will sell for $31,000. It’s a 60″ diagonal LCD TV that reaches the 4K mark by displaying a 3840 x 2160 resolution – just over 8 million pixels.

So you have $31k burning a hole in your pocket – should you buy a TV with 8 million pixels? NO and don’t let the sales puke at the electronics store talk you into it. You’re better off extending the life of your current TV rather than upgrading to a 4K model with 7 million pixels you won’t be able to see.

Check out “Why 4K TVs are stupid” on Cnet for more information on why you should NOT migrate to 4K televisions. [Cnet]


Throw Out Your TV? Charging Your iPhone 5 Only Costs $0.41/Year. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Only $0.53.

Smart phone power consumption comparison chart. Opower.comWe’ve all heard about the Apple/Samsung legal battle but Jubbling now just wants both sides to shake hands, maybe hug it out a little, and work together and encourage users to watch TV/movies on their respective mobile devices. That’s because in comparison, the iPhone 5 ($0.41/year) and Galaxy S3 ($0.53/year) will sip on as little power in a year as a 50″ plasma may consume in a day!

Opower analyzed the power consumption of both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 and compared their results to common consumer electronics found in a home. Obviously, groups of 3 or more people will not crowd around a mobile device to watch television; in that situation, see if an iPad ($1.38/year) will work. But if you’re alone and watching Lost on Netflix Instant, turn off the big TV and watch it on your iPhone/Galaxy S3. [CNET and Opower]


Sony 4K TV – $25k, 84″ Diagonal, 4k Horizontal Pixels, 4 X’s More Detail Than True HD And One Reason Not To Buy It.

Sony 4k TVJubbling’s buy/don’t buy recommendation: Don’t buy it. You probably don’t need it. [CNET]


It Gets Worse: Angry Birds App Coming To Humungous Samsung Smart TV’s

Samsung Smart TVs with Smart Interaction Technology and Angry BirdsOur article against porting Android apps to our big-ass TVs with the Ouya console was just settling when we heard news that Angry Birds will be playable on future Samsung Smart TV’s via hand gestures. The popular game was playing just fine with a finger on low-power consuming mobile devices and ideally, it would’ve stayed only mobile. But for consumers, playing bigger is better and we’re now finding that our push to keep mobile games mobile is the losing position as though we chose Betamax. [Crave]


Toshiba’s Regza 32BE3 32-inch LED Backlit Television Uses ZERO Power In Standby Mode

Toshiba Regza 32BE3 LED TelevisionElectronics are notorious sippers of electricity even when you think they’re turned off. It’s called vampire draw or standby power and it accounts for 5-10% of the electricity we consume. Toshiba’s Regza 32BE3 32″ LED television is different and thanks to its Eco Chip, completely powers down when you turn it off; no need to unplug it (if you’re freakish like that). And when it’s on, the LED backlit Regza 32BE3 draws 27% less power than Toshiba’s previous 32″ model and includes settings to reduce the screen’s brightness to 50 – 75% based on the lighting levels in your room.

So if you are in the market for a new TV and power consumption is an important factor, be sure to check out the Toshiba Regza 32BE3 32″ LED TV. It’s due out in mid-December. And if you don’t own a TV and look down on everyone that does, good for you too. You get a star. []


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Wants To Help You Reduce Standby Power and Vampire Draw

Lawrence Berkeley National Labs Standby Power and Vampire Draw DataLawrence Berkeley National Laboratories resource for calculating standby power and vampire draw is not new but the information never gets old. Standby power is the power consumed by an appliance when it is turned off and vampire draw refers to charged devices, like cellphones, that continue to consume electricity when fully charged. It’s amazing how much energy is consumed by all of the devices in our homes that are not in use. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory offers clues to easily identify those items:

  • Includes remote control
  • Has external power supply
  • Digital display, LED status light, or digital clock
  • Contains a battery charger
  • Has soft-touch key-pad

According to LBNL’s FAQ, standby power and vampire draw accounts for 5 – 10% of the electricity we consume. They also point out that with some changes, this could be reduced by 75% .

I’d swear the set-top box DVR for cable tv and satellite was developed by electric companies; it’s the only device I found in the list that consumes nearly as much electricity OFF as it does ON. One of the easy solutions suggested for reducing standby power and vampire draw is the use of power strips because they allow you to disconnect multiple devices at one time.

You probably do not have to get all freakish about reducing standby power and vampire draw; that would be my tendency. So we will re-post this article every 6 months and hopefully each time, you’ll find one area that you can make a change and reduce your consumption.