Belkin Conserve’s Insight Energy Use Monitor Is The Peak Of Anal Retentive Jubbling

Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Use MonitorHow cool would it be to walk around your house and see how much electricity every plugged-in device was consuming? Well now you can with Belkin Conserve’s new Insight Energy Use Monitor. Not only will the Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Use Monitor measure energy consumption and standby-draw, but it will also calculate the cost of operation, CO2 generated and the actual wattage consumed.

Thanks to Belkin Conserve’s Insight Energy Use Monitor, you can take off your running shoes and put and end to the whole “turn off a light and run to the meter” old school energy monitoring. Now you can monitor consumption at the source.

How much power is your 65″ plasma consuming in standby mode vs complete shutdown? How much more power does your refrigerator consume when it’s set to “4” versus being set to “2”? Track it for two hours or two days using Belkin Conserve’s Insight Energy Use Monitor.

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Mobile Treadmill Brings Jubbling To Senior Citizens?

Ok, it’s probably way out there but the mobile treadmill out of Japan is worth a post. The mobile treadmill, which is like a human-powered Segway, was developed by Fujie Lab at Japan’s Waseda University. Here’s the video:

[youtube width=”425″ height=”270″][/youtube]

The mobile treadmill amplifies a walker’s normal pace and allows the user to travel 1.5 – 3 times faster than normal walking. Targeting seniors, the mobile treadmill would enable its senior user to move through crowds easier and reach their destination a little quicker. I’m sure a turn signal could be added and a horn. But the seat-belt dragging on the ground outside the driver’s side door is going to be more difficult to replicate.

Wall-e Movie Captain McCreaIs it truly viable? Probably not. Is it Jubbling? A little. Ideas like this are more about research and it does bring to mind what would’ve happened if the Segway took off the way they expected it to. I think the movie Wall-E does a good job of capturing the results of a Segway powered society.

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Google’s PowerMeter: Energy Speedometer For Your Home

Google Powermeter Screenshot

PowerMeter from Google.orgGoogle is everywhere and now, they want you to be able to track your electricity consumption online using their PowerMeter product. PowerMeter has been available since October 2009 and works in conjunction with a homes’ existing smart electricity meter or with 3rd party energy monitoring devices. Having a smart meter alone is not enough to access your data using PowerMeter; your utility company must partner with Google in order to gain real-time access to your energy usage.

Once your utility partners with Google, as San Diego Gas & Electric and TXU Energy have, your homes’ energy consumption information will be available online and access to the PowerMeter application is provided free of charge.

ENVI Energy Consumption Monitor, Transmitter and CT ClampIf your utility company has not partnered with Google, another way to track your energy consumption online with PowerMeter is by purchasing a product like Current Cost’s ENVI monitor. Connecting the ENVI monitor is relatively simple; connect two CT clamps at the electrical box on your incoming power lines. A transmitter will then send the information to the ENVI monitor which can be up to 100′ away. The ENVI monitor tracks energy usage and when connected to a PC, the ENVI monitor will transmit the data to Google PowerMeter for online monitoring.

The only downside we can think of with Google’s PowerMeter is the phone call from an obsessively Jubbling working spouse monitoring energy usage online and questioning power consumption at home. “How many lights are on?”, “Why do we have two tv’s on?.”

But the benefits of the Google PowerMeter definitely override any downside and that is why we classify it as a speedometer for your home. With access to instant energy consumption information, homeowners will find ways to reduce and see the results real-time as they make changes. The 30 day lag we’re used to will be a thing of the past.


The Waterpebble Tells You When To Get Out Of The Shower

“But can it differentiate water from urine? If I step in the shower with a ‘full tank’, so to speak, I don’t want that going towards my overall count!”
Comment from Tipoo on the Waterpebble
Cnet Crave

Priestmangoode WaterpebbleThe Waterpebble from Priestmangoode is a neat little gadget designed to alert you when you need to get out of the shower. It works by monitoring the amount of water that goes down the drain during your shower. And with each use, the Waterpebble fractionally shortens the amount of time you should spend in the shower through the use of lights. The Waterpebble is a one-time use product that will last approx 4-6 months and is fully recyclable. Here is how it works:

The Waterpebble from Priestmangoode

Our take on the Waterpebble is that it’s a great idea that could inspire new ideas that encourage shower-takers to be more aware of their shower length. My system now is to get out when the water starts to feel cold which for men gives new meaning to the term “Waterpebble.” But I would consider purchasing a Waterpebble for my kids who seem to believe the vast ocean they’ve seen is the source of their shower water. So in our case, it’s either a Waterpebble or an egg timer in a Ziploc bag.

Where to buy the Waterpebble: Dry Planet (UK)