Todd Bracher’s “Virtual LED”/Lightfalls Display Is Powered By 3M Technology And Only One LED Light

Virtual LED / Lightfalls - Todd Bracher and 3MThe “Virtual LED”, Lightfalls lighting display created by Todd Bracher is a perfect example of pairing technology with creative design. Here’s the description from Mr. Bracher’s website:

“The key to enabling the ‘Virtual LED’ is a more than 98% reflective proprietary 3M film that efficiently steers the light of a single LED from one module to another. The final effect creates the image of multiple LED bulbs when in reality there is only one.”

Fill an entire room with light with one LED bulb. The “Virtual LED”/Lightfalls was shown at the NYC Wanted Design event in May 2012.

Todd Bracher - Noah Wylie When I saw a picture of Todd Bracher, what stood out to me most was his resemblance to the person that portrayed the person who best exemplifies melding creative design with technology. Steve Jobs’ish? Maybe not. [Todd Bracher and Gizmodo]


Getting Lamp Designers To Switch To LED Lighting Is Our Awesome Video Of The Week

Jill Fehrenbacher of Inhabitat attended the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York and asked five lamp designers to swap out their incandescent light bulbs for a low-power Philip’s LED. In each case, switching to LED saved between $125 – $1700 over 5 years and every lamp designer was impressed by the brightness and color of the lighting from the LED bulb.

Watching the video makes it seem so easy but what Ms. Fehrenbacher is confronting is the prejudiced assumptions most people have against LED lighting. Yes, you’ll have to pay a premium for LED lights over incandescents and CFLs but the biggest problem facing LED lighting adoption may be the idea that the quality of the light is not as good. Ms. Fehrenbacher meets that objection with the designers directly who may be the toughest customers to convince that LED lighting can show their products in a good light.

So if they haven’t done it yet, might make sense for Philip’s LED marketing department to send out some complimentary bulbs to lamp designers. Turning your critics into proponents of LED lighting will go a long way into improving LED bulb market acceptance. [Inhabitat]


Upside Down Anglepoise Lamp Reveals LED Light?

Angled Lamp by Louis Rensch.The Anglepoise lamp designed by George Cawardine in 1932 is the prototypical desk lamp. You might not recognize the name but the style is a standard in any office and can also be found in the opening sequence of every Pixar movie.

Now, German design student Louis Rensch is flipping the Anglepoise on its normal bulb-holding head while allowing the base to provide lighting with flat, low-power consuming LEDs. Whether or not Mr. Rensch’s design “Angled” takes hold, it’s still original and makes a statement about the future of lighting. [core77]


The Giraffe Street Lamp Lets You Swing For Your Lighting

The Giraffe Street LampWell, the Giraffe Street Lamp looks cool even though it may be impractical. It’s a playground inspired idea that captures the energy of swinging and solar to power an LED light. The backyard and park setting photos of the Giraffe Street Lamp in use are good – put it in the bedroom and I think they might have a winner. [Yanko Design via Dvice]


Lemnis Is Selling A $5 LED Light Bulb

Lemnis Pharox 200 Blu $5 LED Light BulbThe $4.95 Pharox 200 Blu is the LED equivalent of a gateway drug? According to Greentech Media, that’s how Lemnis CEO and head pusher, Warner Philips, describes the 25-watt equivalent Pharox 200 Blu because he wants you to eventually graduate and buy their 40/60-watt LED equivalent bulbs.

It’s a smart move for a brand to gain traction and you’ll know Warner was right when you walk down Venice Beach and get approached by 20+ people trying to sell you the Pharox 200 Blu. Eventually, the 200 Blu will not be enough so you’ll move up to the Pharox 400.


Bulled LED Lighting From LEDO Technologie

Bulled LED Lights from LEDO TechnologieI’m starting to think that LED lighting manufacturers know their products are going to be crazy expensive so they design them to look like little pieces of art. And the Bulled LED lighting series from German company LEDO Technologie is no different. Their 60-watt equivalent LED lights are beautiful to look at and at $150/each, they’d better be.

Check out the LEDO’s website for more information about their LED lights. [Gizmodo]