Jubbling And The Apple iPad

Jubbling’s hope for the Apple iPad is that it does for printed materials what Apple has done for music. That is change the way we consume books, magazines and newspapers and change the way we shop for them.Apple iPad with iBook Software Colorful childrens’ books, novels and even college textbooks could be offered for download on the new Apple iPad without peeling away the color and layout you’d find in the original. And you can do all of this on the Apple iPad without sacrificing the “page turning” appeal of books thanks to its touch sensitive display. The pages turn like a book on the Apple iPad so you’ll never have to lick your finger again.

Full Color Jubbling
The Apple iPad has a 9.7″ full-color display. A feature that appeals to publishers and customers alike and separates it from Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader and Barnes & Noble’s nook. But for us, it’s all about the Jubbling. A 1.5 lbs tablet, free of PVC plastic and brominated flame retardants, that will store everything you’d ever want to read and reduce the amount you have to recycle.

Old School vs New School
There is some opposition to e-readers like the Apple iPad because of the amount of energy it takes to build, its included battery and limited product life-cycle. But it’s a tired argument and could only be justified by a paper salesman like Dwight Schrute of Dunder Mifflin. You only have to imagine the Apple iPad sitting next to the pile of books, newspapers and magazines that you would normally read in a year to see that there’s a definite footprint difference.

Book Sharing?
A nice future feature would have Apple developing a way for iPad users to share the books they download; maybe add a small licensing and transfer fee so that it would equate to buying a used book. This service would apply to all books and magazines. They can keep the DRM features [for now] and limit the transfers to other iPad users. Without a sharing feature, the $12.99 – $14.99 book download fee might slow the iPad’s acceptance rate.

The Apple iPad Is For More Than Just Books
The iBook/ePub feature is just one facet of the new Apple iPad. It is also a digital media player. You can still download and watch movies, listen to music and run applications you get from the iTunes store. Even the apps downloaded for the iPhone/iTouch work on the iPad. The iPad’s price starts at around $499 and it has a 10 hour battery life. We think the best way to look at the Apple iPad is as an investment in Jubbling. An investment that allows you to consume less so you can recycle less. A definite pre-emptive Jubbling.

For more information on the Apple iPad, go to http://www.apple.com/ipad/

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Pico Projectors Are Picolicious…Or Is It Jubblingicious?

“This is for Allah. And it’s goin’ way out there, sucka.”
Ahmad Abdul Rahim
Bad News Bears (1976)

Maybe overselling a technology like Pico projectors is not a good idea. However, pushing the Jubbling may be the best way to see Pico projectors get traction in the marketplace. Pico projectors have been commercially available since 2006 and were designed to be a super-portable presentation tool and typically weigh in around 5 or 6 ounces. Lit by an LED lamp, these front-pocket worthy devices connect to computers, DVD players, cellphones/pda’s and will project a 36″ – 60″+ diagonal image on any light colored surface without the need for a dedicated power source. That’s because they can run off of a battery for up to 4 hours depending on the model. The Jubbling is obvious – limited hardware, low power needs – now here are some tips for making your audience buy into a Pico based presentation:

  • Lower your audience’s brightness expectation – After Ahmad Abdul Rahim made his statement, he laid down a bunt. For a Pico Projector based presentation with brightness in the range of 10 to 30 lumens, it would make more sense to threaten a bunt so you can deliver a single.
  • Not a computer projector – Whatever you do, please do not hook a Pico projector up to a desktop or laptop computer to drive your presentation. The Pico models available now will connect but at a resolution not seen on a computer since 1993.
  • Leverage the technology – Make a statement like “Excuse me while I whip my Pico out”, and then reach in your front pocket and do just that. Your audience will be wincing at first but will then look in awe at your Pico projector and how small it is.
  • Present to smaller groups – Staying with the ‘small’ theme, keep your presentation short and to the point and present to smaller groups of 25 or less. Pico projectors are fanless so you don’t have to compete with the noise of a typical projector based presentation.
  • Emphasize the Jubbling – Pair your Pico projector with a cellphone and you’ll be full-on Jubbling. No outlet needed. That is when you point to the Jubbling t-shirt you’re wearing and tell your audience that it’s a website dedicated to making better choices. To get them to visit the site, tell your audience that the estimated lamp life of a Pico Projector 20,000 hours (10x lamp life for standard projector).

Microvision SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector

Microvision Laser Pico Projector

The fun you can have with a Pico projector doesn’t end there. At home, Pico projectors are great for watching movies on any wall, ceiling or shirtless person with a wide, pale back. I’ve had the best luck watching movies with a DLP Technology based Pico projector (Optoma PK-101 or Optoma PK-102) and choosing a model with a built-in speaker is a definite must.

Already, Pico projector technology can be found in cellphones and digital cameras and soon, you’ll be able to buy handheld gaming devices and portable DVD players with integrated Pico projectors. In addition to DLP driven Pico projectors, you can also find LCOS and laser driven models that are also Jubbling.

Try before you buy and forget about what you’ve seen in normal presentation projectors. Pico’s are not going to be for everyone so a 30 day MBG will give you some time to test and adapt your presentation to your new projector. And don’t forget to emphasize the Jubbling.

Some Pico projector models to look at:

  1. Optoma PK-102 Pico Pocket Projector
  2. 3M MPro150 PocketProjector
  3. WowWee Cinemin Swivel Pico Projector
  4. Microvision SHOWWX Pico Projector
  5. Aiptek PocketCinema V10 and T10 Pico Projectors
  6. AAXA P2 Pico Projector
  7. Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector – Coming soon!
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Jubbling @ Microsoft: Would You Like “Up-Flush” To Be Your Default Application?

Microsoft Flush InstructionsThe success of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, pales in comparison to the success they’ve found by Jubbling. Atleast in my eyes. And Microsoft has found a “sweet spot” with us by turning the bathroom experience into a Jubbling event. Yeah, automatically turning on/off the lights as you enter/leave a bathroom is neat but so 2004 and we say BFD to the automatic faucets. What did Microsoft do to take the Jubbling to an 11? They gave toilet users a choice to decide if they want to Up-flush or Down-flush depending on their output and they’ve provided a seat where you can make your decision. “Up” is for liquid waste and flushes with less water and “Down” is for chunky and uses the full tank. Either choice is Jubbling and well beyond the normal office recycling and use of biodegradable flatware. I could’ve spent an hour in the bathroom testing out the technology and taking notes but 54 minutes was enough.

Keep up the good work Microsoft. You’ve got one less hater out there thanks to your Jubbling efforts.