Putting Wind Turbines In Living Trees May Drive Increased Wind Power Acceptance

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This post was inspired by an article on Inhabitat
Being able to incorporate a wind turbine into a living tree may seem farfetched but it’s something Jubbling thinks will make the technology more attractive and affordable. According to Inhabitat.com, the power generated by a tree-top mounted turbine is 30% less than a standard wind power generator its size but still enough to supply its builder, Architect Wolfgang Frey, and his nearby neighbors with power. We have to assume that the installation costs were less too since his tree-top wind turbine does not require a base. Mr. Frey’s tree-top wind turbine idea is not original [thank you Queen Wind Turbine] but it is the first application we’ve heard of where this Macgyverish technology is in use.


Wysip’s Photovoltaic Film Hopes To Turn Your Cellphone Into A Solar Panel

Wysip Photovoltaic Film Turns Cellphone Into Solar PanelFrom an article on LaptopMag.com

Wysips might have created a truly Jubbling technology that could change the way we charge our cellphones. Their product is a super-thin, transparent photovoltaic film that sits on a cellphone screen and according to the Wysip, the photovoltaic film will not affect the accuracy of a phone’s touchscreen. The photovoltaic film, which is 100 microns thin, sits on the screen for the demo only; future models of the Wysip photovoltaic film will be integrated into your phones LCD.

An important feature pointed out in the video below is how the Wysip photovoltaic film will continuously charge a cellphone as long as the screen is facing light and whether it’s in use or not. To charge a typical cell phone battery, it would take Wysip’s photovoltaic film 6 hours of outdoor light, indoor charging would take considerably longer. Wysip’s goal for the second-generation of their product, which is due out next year, is 30 minutes of talk time after an hour of charging. Not quite the speed of AC or USB charging but definitely more Jubbling.

On Wysip’s website, they calculate how a nuclear reactor’s worth of production of electricity could be saved by porting their technology to the 2 billion mobile phones being used today. Vampire draw would also be an area for saving with the Wysip photovoltaic film. Future applications and integration of Wysip’s photovoltaic film technology would be in laptops and e-readers.

After reading about $60 million wave power farms and researching the heck out of the Solar Bra, I’ve become a little cynical of all of the crap labeled as green. It’s nice to see a Jubbling idea that may actually work and change the way we currently consume.

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Tango Group Creates Shower-Powered Radio

[youtube width=”360″ height=”270″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SZdvuj8EH0&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]

Shower Powered RadioIt runs without batteries but is it Jubbling? Tango Group’s H2O shower powered radio is exactly what its name says; it attaches to the water source before your shower head and uses water to power a radio. According to Vivian Blick, one of the creators of the product, the shower powered radio combines two things the British public loves, “showers and radios.” Lucy Siegel of The Observer wondered if the product would encourage people to stay longer in the shower wasting heated water to listen to their favorite song. Mr. Blick pointed out that this was only the first generation. A future version will include a shower timer and by the third generation, H2O hopes to incorporate an shower powered LCD screen that displays how much you are spending on your shower.

Now, is it Jubbling? Hard to tell but thankfully, they did not include “eco” or “green” in the product name because then, it definitely wouldn’t be. But I’d like to help Tango with Jubbling up their next product and again, this is a freebie.

Dear Tango Group Ltd.,
I just wanted to let you know that I’ve read about your H2O shower powered radio and I think it’s cool. My only reservation is that it’s more than likely going to be powered by hot water. If a good song starts playing, a shower radio user is less likely to get out which is kind of a waste of hot water. So maybe having the volume level determined by how cold a shower is might be a good idea to implement. But I’ve got an even better application for your shower powered radio.

WhizCeiverWhat we need to do is attach a funnel to the top of the H2O shower radio and then here’s the kicker – we’ll put it in a urinal. Peeeak of Jubbling! You can strip out the volume control and the tuner because nobody is going to want to change either. Then give those in need of relief a nice target to aim for; like a funnel with a bullseye. That’s because adding the funnel and rewarding the whizzer with music not only encouraged them to whiz on the target, instead of whizzing the floor, but it may also get your male patrons to consume more beverages so they can finish a song. Double win!

Bars, restaurants, sports arenas, stadiums and even shopping malls will line up for this product. And another nice byproduct is that men may even share a urinal, saving water, in order to complete a song or raise the volume (a feature we could add in version 4.2). What to call it? How about the WhizCeiver?

Anyways, we look forward to hearing from you.



Greenpeace and Green Celebrities Aligning To Encourage Facebook To Power Data Center With Renewable Energy… Via Facebook (Again)

Treehugger.com has a post, “Celebrities Tell Facebook to Ditch Coal”, about a new push to get Facebook to move out of its mostly coal powered data center into one that uses an increased level of renewable energy. We wrote about this issue back in September 2010 when it was just Greenpeace leading the effort. But now, green celebrities are taking to Facebook and asking people to join the push too. Here is a video from Ed Begley and his wife, Rachelle Carson regarding the issue:

[youtube width=”360″ height=”250″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV59m5dIocw[/youtube]
Ed and Rachelle definitely practice what they preach and do not back away from confronting any and all environmental issues. After reading many articles about them, it’s easy to make a guess on where they’re going to stand. This example, pushing Facebook to abandon their Oregon data center in favor of one that is fully or partially driven by renewable energy sources, is no big surprise.

Jubbling gets it but for some reason, we’re having a hard time making sense of it. We had the same problem with this back when Greenpeace stood up against the new Facebook data center because in both cases, they’re taking their protest to Facebook. It’s kind of like driving a gas guzzling car cross country to protest the fact that there are too many gas guzzling cars. Think about it. Maybe making a stronger statement would be to leave Facebook in mass in order to make your statement; I’m sure MySpace would appreciate this.

Anyway, I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg is listening too closely. I’ve seen The Social Network and Mr. Zuckerberg probably loves seeing the spike in activity; positive or negative but always on Facebook. What he would be more apt to understand and respond to is watching users leaving his site to protest what Facebook is doing. That would require a commitment from the celebrities involved and I don’t think they’d be able to stomach that move.


What Are The Results From China’s 2008 Ban Against Free Plastic Bags?

Only in China could a free plastic bag ban be so easily enacted. As posted in Good and later in Treehugger, China passed a law in 2008 making it illegal for stores to give out free plastic bags. They can only sell them at a price higher than the bags cost and store owners could pocket the difference.

The results? According to a Hoaran He, a researcher from the University of Gothernburg, the ban against free plastic bags has reduced China’s consumption by 40% or the equivalent of 40 billion plastic bags. That’s a huge number and hard to verify. Nevertheless, I’m sure the law reduced plastic bag consumption in China by a number in the billions and that is significant.

What’s more amazing to me is how quickly China’s government can act without the interference of lobbyist and special interest groups pushing them and buying them to vote another way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure corruption is rampant in China, but their ability to act and respond to a problem and develop a nationwide resolution is something to marvel at. It’s no wonder a recent report by Ernst Young stated that China has a clear lead in the pursuit of renewable energy.


Thanks To The SolarCalculator and SolarLease, SolarCity May Be Your Next Renewable Utility

SolarCalculatorIn the crowded market of renewable energy suppliers and ideas, SolarCity may have found their Jubbling niche with a product that is as brilliant as it is simple. All you have to do is visit SolarCity.com and enter some data into their SolarCalculator – average electric bill, your address, roof description and local utility company – and they’ll kick out information on how much you could save by installing solar panels. The genius of their product is that they give you the option of buying the panels or more importantly, leasing them from SolarCity. Your lease payments go to SolarCity for renewable energy instead of the utility company. And believe it or not, the utility companies want it this way. They have a limited amount of kilowatt hours to distribute so they encourage their customers to consume less.

SolarCity HomeHaving the SolarCity panels operational will not completely take you off the grid. If you have a stretch where you need more electricity than your panels are generating, your local utility will seamlessly cover the difference. And the reverse is also true; you can get energy credits for the excess electricity you send back to the grid. It’s called “net metering” and you must get permission from your local utility and SolarCity before it’s active. Basically, your meter will spin backwards when you are generating more than you are consuming.

Residents and businesses in California, Arizona, Texas and other sunny states – please give SolarCity’s SolarCalculator a shot. You are blessed with sunlight – why not absorb some of it.