Separated At Birth? Heartland Institute President Joe Bast And Nathan Thurm.

Who'd You Rather?:  Joe Bast of the Heartland Institute or Nathan Thurm.CDCW posted an article about Joe Bast, President of the Heartland Institute, and his response to what he felt was a biased article in the Washington Post about his organization. Here’s a snippet of Mr. Bast’s response:

” The article also misrepresented our work. The Heartland Institute is not “skeptical of climate change science.” We are one of its leading supporters, having hosted seven international conferences (with an eighth one taking place in Munich this week) and published a comprehensive survey of the scientific literature in two volumes, with a third volume on its way. We spend more supporting climate science than all but a handful of public policy think tanks.

Finally, The Post reported that we ran a billboard “comparing those who believe in global warming to domestic terrorist Theodore J. Kaczynski.” Also untrue. The billboard simply reported the fact that the infamous Unabomber still believes in man-made global warming, despite the mounting scientific case against it, and asked viewers if they do, too.”

Holy crap! Mr. Bast threw in the smoke, mirrors and a kitchen sink to claim his org was misrepresented. His response sounds like it was crafted right out of Nathan Thurm’s deny-playbook – deny denying. Any chance they’re related? [CDCW]


Desperate For ELECTRIC Candlelight And All You Have Is A REGULAR Candle? Randofo Created A Solution.

Electric candle powered by tea light candle.

You can buy about 1,000,000 tea lights at Ikea for $1.99. With a fair-sized stock of small candles, I can keep my electric candle lit indefinitely. Thanks to my candle-powered electric candle, I know that I will never be left in the dark.
Randofo of his Candle-Powered Electric Candle

What’s not to love about the Candle-Powered Electric Candle? I get the feeling that Randofo’s candlelit electric-candle idea may have drawn some inspiration from the solar-powered tanning salon. Check out the Candle-Powered Electric Candle’s gem of a backstory. [Instructables via Boing Boing]


TimberTower Builds World’s First Wooden Wind Turbine.

TimberTower Wind TurbineInstalled in early November 2012, the wooden TimberTower wind turbine is made out of glued laminated timber panels and will produce approx 1,500 kWh of electricity. The TimberTower wind turbine is 328′ tall and has a guaranteed minimum lifespan of 20 years. According to TimberTower, their just completed wood-built turbine replaced the need for 300 tons of sheet steel and 400 tons of carbon used to build standard steel towers.

Another advantage of the TimberTower is that it can be transported to a building site in standard 40ft trailers. [Gizmag]

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Would Solar Power Work At Your House?

Solar PanelsGreat story on GigaOM about Kevin C. Tofel’s personal journey and switch to solar power. The article,“One year with solar energy at home: Mostly sunny!,” covers the costs, tax breaks and the decisions he and his family had to make to go solar. Kevin and his family live in southeastern Pennsylvania and lost power during Hurricane Sandy – here’s how one of their cost-cutting choices came back on them:

“One of the upfront decisions you’ll need to make when planning a solar panel system is will you still be tied to the electric grid? Or will you go off-grid? There are pros and cons to each; the former costs less up front while the latter provides stored power during the evening hours or during an outage. Since we had no power during Hurricane Sandy, you can guess which system we have: One that keeps us tied to the grid.”

If you’re seriously considering switching to solar, read the full article. It’s excellent and focuses on the economics of switching to solar and stays away from the “I’m greener than you” message. [GigaOM]


Wind Turbine Syndrome And Solar Panel Syndrome Receive Treatment From The Colbert Report.

“Have you had any of these symptoms: nausea, lack of nausea, forgetting where you put your keys or problems breathing underwater. Well, sounds like you have a bad case of solar panel syndrome.”
Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report

Good stuff. [The Colbert Report via Gizmodo]


First It Was The iRock iDevice Charging Rocking Chair And Now We Have ÉCAL Low-Tech Factory’s Rocking-Knit.

ECAL Low-Tech Factory/Rocking-KnitWhen did rocking chairs become the so rockin? Last week, we wrote about the $1300 iRock rocking-chair that put grandma to work charging your iDevice and now we have the Rocking-Knit from ECAL Low-Tech Factory that will rock out a knit hat for you.

This is becoming rocking-chair version of the “Who’d you rather?” bit – rocking chair to generate electricity vs rocking chair to knit you a hat so you can turn down the thermostat. Both ideas definitely have a home in a retirement center and both have a home on our “hope it’s true but I’m not buying” page. [Inhabitat]