Superheadz’s Sun & Cloud Solar And Hand-Cranked Powered Digital Camera.

Sun & Cloud Self-Generating Digital CameraSuperheadz’s $200 Sun & Cloud 3 megapixel solar and hand-cranked powered digital camera has unfortunate written all over it. Here’s a description from Gizmodo:

“As its namesake implies, what really sets the Sun & Cloud digital camera apart from its competition is the inclusion of a solar panel on top, and a retractable generator crank on the side. So with a lot of sunlight and/or elbow grease, you can perpetually keep its battery charged. Besides a microSD memory card slot and 15 built-in digital filters, the camera unfortunately mostly disappoints with its limited photo resolution and basic 640×480 video capabilities.”

So the first unfortunate is the Sun & Cloud’s $200 price tag, the second unfortunate is its limited resolution and the last unfortunate is the manufacturer’s questionable nameSuperheadz?

Etón FR160B Microlink Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power and Cell Phone ChargerA better option might be to use the higher-resolution camera on your current mobile phone and keep it juiced via solar power or hand-cranking with a $30 Etón FR160B Microlink with AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio, Flashlight and USB charging port. [Gizmodo]


When The Power Goes Out, Briefcase-Sized Sugoi Battery From Japan Can Keep The Fridge Going.

Sugoi Battery Portable Power BackupWho wouldn’t want a Sugoi Battery? The 5.5 lbs Sugoi Battery is a 75,000 mAh portable backup lithium battery ($467) that can keep your refrigerator going for up to 7.8 hours (smaller Japanese fridge?). Sugoi Battery is also working on an adapter so you can use it to charge up to 16 mobile devices at one time. In addition to the lithium battery version, Sugoi Battery has a more affordable ($121) old-school lead acid version that holds 12,900mAh of power.

The Sugoi Battery has 5 power outputs (including 2 USB) and can be recharged via standard power outlet, solar or through your car’s lighter port. Not sure if the Sugoi Battery is available in the US but if works to its translated specs, it would definitely have a market in homes where using a diesel/gas generator is not an option… and even in homes where a generator is an option. [RocketNews24]


Solar-Powered Recumbent Trike-Bike?

Awesome! Spinner Guy – with this video, a trade show booth and some slick marketing brochures, my gut tells me you could get millions (CDN) from investors looking for the next big green product. [Boing Boing]


Charge Your Cellphone With The Vodafone Booster Brolly (Umbrella) And Try Not To Look Pretentious.

Vodafone Booster Brolly - Solar powered cellphone signal boosting umbrellaThe Booster Brolly umbrella prototype looks like a good way to ward off the elements but it includes some bonus features: it will also charge your cellphone and boost its 3G signal. It’s from Vodafone and was designed in partnership with University College London. The Booster Brolly’s canopy includes “12 lightweight amorphous silicon triple-junction solar cells” and its carbon fiber handle conceals an LED flashlight.

Although designed for all seasons, here in the States the Booster Brolly would probably only see action in the rain.That’s because in the US, walking around with an open umbrella in the summer, and calling it a brolly, is like holding a big “mug me” sign over your head. [Our problem, not the Booster Brolly’s]

The Vodafone Booster Brolly will make its debut at the Isle of Wight music festival on June 22nd. [Crave UK]


Charge One AA Battery At A Time Via Solar With The Nokero C110 Battery Charger

Nokero C110 Battery ChargerAt $14, the solar-powered Nokero C110 AA battery charger might teach the kids something about patience. It takes a few hours to fully charge a single battery and includes one AA battery. Another nice feature of the Nokero C110 is that it also works with other rechargeable battery brands. [Nokero via Gizmodo]


Double-Duty With The Raintree Raincatching Clothesline

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]I guess the sod-covered picNYC table also served two purposes – it’s a table and a litterbox – but the Raintree idea from Christina Bertea is truly a dual-use product. During the summer, the Raintree is an outdoor clothes dryer and in the off-season, it’s a raincatcher that can collect 3 – 65 gallon drums of water during San Francisco’s rainy winter. The Raintree is made out of plywood scraps, an umbrella stand and vinyl from recycled convention banners. Jubbling 101.