The Doggie Treadmill, Laser Chase Cat Toy, And Litter Robot Should Never Find A Place In Your Home.

From Gizmodo - Here, Boy

San Antonio Express-News, Jerry Lara/AP

Gizmodo might’ve gone too far with their article “7 Tools For Negligent Pet Owners.” The article itself was interesting as most are on Gizmodo and the splash image of the lonely rain soaked dog sitting in the middle of the street was touching. But the convenience products the article offered as penance for guilt-ridden pet owners were a little over the top. Here’s a sample with Giz’s comments followed by our own:

Gizmodo – “Without a doubt the worst part of owning a pet is having to clean up after it, and I’m not talking about food crumbs.”
Jubbling – Without a doubt the best reason not to get a pet is if you have to shell out $340 on one of these Litter-Robots because you hate to clean up after your pets. Only upside of the Litter-Robot: it reminds us of the guy choosing to live in the egg-shaped house on the streets of Beijing.
Litter Robot
Egg-House Living Guy In Beijing China

Automated Laser Chase Cat Toy
Gizmodo – “Instead of having to manually direct a red dot around a room with your hand, this little pod does all the work for you, randomly moving it about at four different speeds.”
Jubbling – If pointing a laser pointer around the room for your cat to play with requires too much effort, you probably shouldn’t get a cat.
Automated Cat Laser Toy

Canine Treadmill
Gizmodo – “Unless you happen to have an exercise room with enough space for a treadmill of their own. This smaller version, designed specifically for canines…”
Jubbling – So basically, if you haven’t purchased a full blown treadmill for your dog already, here’s a more compact $550 one that is smaller and designed specifically for your dog.
Doggie Treadmill

Two weeks ago, my daughter’s pet hamster Freddy past away and I wasn’t surprised to find hamster coffins available for people that want to send their former buddy off in style. Fortunately, we had an iPhone box and that did the trick nicely.

Pets give so much to their families, especially kids, and all they ask for in return is food, water, affection and a little of our time. Anything we do beyond that is our own consuming fault.


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Powered By Poop: Toiletcycle Is Taking A Road Trip Across Japan Skidmarks And All

Toilet Bike Neo - TOTO Toilets JapanThis is one we didn’t want to get our hands dirty with but after a little pushing we’re relieved to give you the Toilet Bike Neo from TOTO, the leading shitter manufacturer in Japan. TOTO claims their Toilet Bike Neo is part of an effort to cut down on CO2 emissions and now it’s about to embark on a 500 mile journey across Japan powered by the chunky stuff. The system basically works by converting the brown into methane which then powers the PlopperChopper.

We’re still not sure why they built the CrapRocket but we do have a rider in mind and they don’t need to look far for him. []

[youtube width=”340″ height=”191″][/youtube]


Really? Microwave The Bejesus Out Of Orange Peels To Make Biodegradable Plastic?

Using A Microwave To Turn Orange Peels Into Biodegradable PlasticIs this news or is somebody out there goofing on us by doling out nonsense stories to distract us? It’s hard to tell when you read an article like Orange peels could be made into biodegradable plastic. I’m starting to think the folks over at the Weekly World News, the world’s only reliable news (their words, not mine), is behind all of these stories for the greenies to consume and get excited about.

Maybe a better story would be that on your next shopping trip, choose ONE additional non-plastic option so these guys don’t have to nuke oranges for 2-hours to produce one that is bio-degradable.

Jubbling: Making consuming less, less consuming

Related article: Orange Gold: Citrus Peels Move from the Landfill to the Engine


Making Fun Of Geely’s Hybrid/Electric McCar And Scooter Combo Is Way Too Easy

Geely Auto McCar
From “Geely McCar comes with an electric scooter for people who hate walking” on

A concept car that seems to have it all… wrong might be the best way to describe Geely’s McCar which recently debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show. It’s supposed to come in two flavors – hybrid or electric – and in either form, the Geely McCar includes a scooter type vehicle that makes it less of a burden to walk to where you are going. Maybe it’s the car for our gentrified population or maybe it’s just so we can be little more lazy. I have a feeling that somewhere out there, somebody would like to get their hands on one of these scooter-sized McCars.


New Rolls-Royce 102EX Electric Vehicle Debuts At Geneva Motor Show

Rolls-Royce 102EX Phantom at Geneva Motor Show 2011With a price tag of around $1.6 million, the Rolls-Royce 102EX concept car is close to $1.6 million more than I can afford. The Telegraph has a complete run down of the features of this mega EV. A few of the specs to highlight include its range of 125 miles on a single charge and the fact that it’ll be powered by 1400 lbs of lithium ion cells. The Rolls-Royce 102EX will also have the ability to “induction charge.” Basically, you can park it over two pads to re-charge the batteries wirelessly.

All of these features are very cool but is the Rolls-Royce 102EX Jubbling? No, but it’s definitely Jubfurky.