Jilin’s Rime Ice and Snow Festival Includes A “Shoot Arrows At Live Roosters” Archery Booth.

Live roosters shot with arrows at Jilin Rime Ice Festival.Whether they’re consumed or not, using live roosters as targets is too much. The 20 year old Rime Ice and Snow Festival is an annual event that takes place near China’s largest ski resort and includes skiing, sledding and other wintertime activities. One of those activities is live-rooster archery and why it’s included is beyond me.

You could make the argument that the participants shooting arrows at live roosters strapped to ice are closer to their food than most people but sustenance isn’t the goal here – it’s live target practice and it’s just senseless and cruel. Hoax? I hope so. [RocketNews 24 (disturbing images)]


Jubbling Break: Human Head Spider Video

Goldenrod crab spiderIs the video of the “Mutant Spider With Human Head?” an example of mimicry taken to a scary level or is it another hoax video? It does look like the goldenrod crab spider but it seems to be walking without moving its legs.

Hoax or not – my kids and I are hoping the human-head spider video is the Carton Network’s way of introducing a new character on Adventure Time. [RocketNews 24]

Adventure Time w/Crab Spidery


Food Chain 101: Hawk Snatches Released Mouse YouTube Video.

This looks like a scene from a prank show and everyone is in on it except the mouse / shrew. [Boing Boing]


BBC Wildlife Cameraman Gordon Buchanan Willingly Becomes A Human Gumball For A Hungry Polar Bear.

The video clip was taken from the BBC series, “The Polar Bear Family & Me,” in which wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan films a polar bear family over the course of three seasons. Polar bears have become emblematic of climate change so it makes it a little hard NOT to pull for the bear a little – maybe she could just get a finger or toe for her efforts. [Laughing Squid]