From The ‘Why The?’ And ‘What The?’ File: Artist Cai Guo-Qiang Will Blow Up A Pine Tree On The National Mall.

Cai Guo-Qiang blows up a 40 ft pine tree in the National Mall.That’s right, art is kicking Jubbling in the middle again because nothing says art like blowing up a 40′ pine tree with fireworks. This time it’s the work of artist Cai Guo-Qiang and is part of an art series celebrating 50 Years of Art in Embassies. Here’s the plan (from the Washington City Paper):

“Using 2,000 firework-like explosives, Guo-Qiang will take the pine tree through three pyrotechnic stages: The tree will first be covered in yellow and white sparkles of light. The lights will spread throughout the tree, simulating twinkling Christmas lights. Then the tree will explode in a cloud of black smoke, leaving a “negative” smoke image that resembles a Chinese ink painting drifting off into the wind. The idea is for the tree-shaped smoke to create the image of two trees—as seen in Guo-Qiang’s sketch.”

The big wasteful display is taking place tonight and fortunately I won’t be within 4500 clicks of the event. Watch out moon – your next. [City Paper via Grist]

Update: Dec 1, 2012 The 40′ pine tree execution went off as planned.

Now this tree is growing? Hopefully, the perplexed audience walked away from this performance art thinking instead that “once this tree was growing.”


Christo Might Be the Anti-Jubbling. Wants To Build A Sculpture Out Of 410,000 Oil Barrels.

410,000 oil barrel pyramid by ChristoAs crazy as building a flat-topped pyramid out of 410,000 oil barrels sounds, it actually gets much worse because the conceptual artist behind the project is Christo. Christo is not stranger to large-scale art and that’s why building a 500′ tall oil barrel structure in the Abu Dhabi desert falls into his wheelhouse.Wrapped Islands by Christo

That’s why we’re making a simple plea to Christo – you’ve wrapped, surrounded and umbrella’d more than enough art. Maybe for the 410,000 oil barrel project, you could stick with the concept and avoid the actual. Concept art is something Jubbling can appreciate. [Grist]


Kohler’s Moxie Bluetooth Speaker + Showerhead Is A Short-Shower Killer.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead SpeakerKohler Moxie bluetooth speaker in showerhead.Get the $200 Kohler Moxie bluetooth in-showerhead speaker and say hello to 20 minute showers. Just when we needed a shower that goes cold after 3 minutes comes one that encourages the showerer to hit shuffle and extend it exponentially. Haven’t seen it yet but my guess is Kohler’s recommended playlist for the Moxie includes “Never Stop” (Echo & the Bunnymen) and “Don’t Stop Now” (Crowded House). If Jubbling had a say, the playlist would include “I Know It’s Over” (The Smiths), “Drain You” (Nirvana), “Leave Home” (The Chemical Brothers) and “Seconds” (U2). [Gizmodo]


Waste Of The Week: Destroying New iPhone 5 Just Because You Can Afford It.

Update: Here’s another gem.

“3, 2, dum!”

Trashed a microwave to boot. Dum2.

NY Knick, Iman Shumpert, was asked to dunk the iPhone 5 and late in the video, you get the idea he’s not so up for it. The “dum” and unnecessary waste comes from the people behind this video (NOC?).

And there’s plenty of iPhone 5 drop test videos too. We get it so please stop making videos of you destroying your iPhone 5; you’re not providing a public service with your unnecessary and wasteful videos. I think most people have enough common sense to know their mobile device might break if it’s dropped. Stick to the self-inflicted nut shot videos. Those are definitely winners and may provide a public service.


Read About DogTV Today And Had To Self-Kick My Nuts.

DogTV - RIP Planet EarthIn October 2011, Jubbling posted the article “The Doggie Treadmill, Laser Chase Cat Toy, And Litter Robot Should Never Find A Place In Your Home” about some unnecessary products guilty pet owners could buy for their pets. Now Cnet is reporting about a new TV channel specifically for dogs. It’s called DogTV and the programming is geared for stay-at-home dogs and it features dogs fetching, swimming and doing other dog things. DogTV is supported by some animal experts but really? Do we really need to leave our power-gulping TV on all day so our dog won’t feel alone? I hope not and I hope DogTV ends up in the Jubbling “what the hell were we thinking” folder. [Cnet]


The Segwaying, iPad Controlled ‘Double’ From Double Robotics Is Another MUSTN’T Have Product.

Ok, I get the idea that some important people want to be in two places at once but going the Double route probably isn’t the solution. The Double is a $1999 Segway’ish rolling-around iPad mounted robot that allows the user to feign a presence when they are not present. Double Robotic's Double It’s managed by a second iPad (sold separately) and according to Double Robotic’s website , it could be used in offices, remote manufacturing facilities, museums, hospitals, homes and on college campuses.

Yes, the Double will allow users to avoid flights (Jubbling?) and be creepily around but the product is wasteful and unnecessary. From the video, the Double is seen attending meetings and motoring through a product development area. My guess is that nothing will fast-track alienation and team deconstructing like sending your Double through the remote office to see how your team is performing. Its watchful eye will more than likely create more problems than it’ll solve.

Stick with Skype, save $2,000 and avoid the creep factor by not investing in your Double. [Geekosystem]