Best Part Of The World’s Most Expensive Dog Wedding Was Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Calling It Insane!

Thank you Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. You successfully pooped on the World’s Most Unnecessary Wasteful Expensive Dog Wedding! [Laughing Squid]


Jubbling Break: ‘True Facts About The Leaf Katydid’ YouTube Video By Ze Frank.

After watching “True Facts About The Leaf Katydid,” it’s hard to go outside and NOT be a little self-conscience knowing what the animal kingdom is thinking about us. [Laughing Squid]


Jubbling Break: Hilarious Menswear Dog Fashion Blog Is Fido Suavé.

Menswear Dog Fashion BlogMenswear Dog is a new blog featuring a 3-year-old Shiba Inu who dresses better than I ever have. Hopefully the creator of Menswear Dog has a kid or ventriloquist dummy that can Jubblingly share the outfits.

Menswear Dog Fashion Blog

I’ll check back often because nothing beats visiting a website with a dog that regularly out-dresses me. [Laughing Squid]


Why Isn’t Mouse Flavored Cat Food Available?

Mouse flavored cat food?Wouldn’t it be great if cat food did come in mouse flavor? We could turn a pest, that breeds like mice, into food for our pets. My daughter asked me why mouse-flavored cat food wasn’t available and since I didn’t have a good answer, I decided to check around. The best answer I could find was from Yahoo:

“The reason [mouse-flavored cat food] isn’t available is simple: Cats are not the one buying the food. It is proven that people buy cat food according to their own image of what their cat should like. So mouse-flavored food is not as appetizing as chicken or beef.”

I guess it’s our fault that mouse-flavored cat food isn’t available but hopefully that will change. Purina, Iams – if you’re considering adding country mouse flavor to your cat food lineup, shoot me an email and I’ll gladly test it out for you. Another bonus: mouse flavored cat food could be cross-promoted with a pet’s edition of Eating the Enemy.

Update: Just stumbled upon this in Grist: “Your cat is a massive environmental hazard.” I think the mouse crusaders are behind the article.


Cat Rides Under A Train For 1700 Miles. Travels On Intercity Train 85 Times Further Than Average American.

Polly the train riding cat.Polly the cat took a 1700 mile trip in the underbelly of an intercity train in the UK. From This is Plymouth:

“A missing Plymouth cat belonging to a retired train driver has been rescued from an inter-city train – after stowing away in the undercarriage for 1,700 miles.

Polly the tabby, who had a badly-broken leg, is thought to have climbed on board the high speed express near her home in Plymouth. She then spent two days trapped under the front carriage as the train thundered between the West Country, London and South Wales.

The two-year-old was discovered when train manager Emily Mahoney-Smith heard her miaowing when the train stopped briefly on its way to Cornwall.”

Polly did lose a leg out of the deal but thanks to her microchip, she will be reunited with her family in Plymouth.

Per capita, Americans travel 20 miles/per year on intercity trains so Polly basically kicked our collective non-train riding butts times 85 in just two days. Yes, she lost a leg but that’s because she made her trip riding under an intercity train. Imagine how far Polly could’ve gone on the train if she had her own seat. [This is Plymouth and Abroath via Neatorama]


Juicer-Pulp Fritter Recipe.

Juicer with juicer pulpRecently, a friend of ours loaned us their juicer. When we went to set it up, we noticed the large pulp catcher and hesitated about juicing. What do we do with all that pulp? We could compost it but juicer-pulp is made up of normally edible food and we didn’t want to waste it. In the end, Jubbling juice-blocked us and we used our blender instead. Then I read about the juicer-pulp fritter recipe and I think we’re going to give the juicer another try.

The 20 minute juicer-pulp fritter recipe was submitted by Aylin on Glow Kitchen and here are the details:

Ingredients (6-8 patties):

  • 2 cups juice pulp (kale, carrots, chard)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 tablespoon mustard
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt

Juicer-pulp fritter ingredients
Instructions: Mix until all of the ingredients are combined and then form them into patties. Place the patties in a greased saucepan over medium heat and cook each side 2-3 minutes.

Juicer-pulb fritters cooking.

In the GK article, the author suggests eating your juicer-pulp fritters in a sandwich or crumbled over a salad. When we try the recipe, we’ll probably add an egg to help hold the patties together.

A quick Google search will net you quite a few recipes for juicer-pulp. A nice bonus of the juicer-pulp fritter recipe is that you can feed your whole family with it: parents get the juice, kids (and pets) get the fritters. [Glow Kitchen via Ecorazzi]