Sweaters Knitted Out Of Dog Hair.

Sweaters knitted out of dog hair - Erwan Fichou

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Of all the benefits we get from owning a dog, knitting a sweater out of their normally thrown out sheddings is hard to beat. The dog hair sweater story is an old one but it’s worth bringing back for its Jubbling awesomeness. Erwan Fichou photographed the proud dog hair sweater wearers with their matching dog, hair source.

Knitting With Dog Hair bookIf you own a dog with long hair and you want to join the dog hair sweater club, take the first step and order a used copy of the book “Knitting With Dog Hair.” Make the dog hair sweater knitting project a post-New Year’s New Year’s resolution because when it’s done, your dog will surely love having you as a twin bro. [Neatorama]


Food Chain 101: Hawk Snatches Released Mouse YouTube Video.

This looks like a scene from a prank show and everyone is in on it except the mouse / shrew. [Boing Boing]


The Bone House In Texas Is More Jubbling Than We’ll Ever Be.

I’m not sure I’d want to live in The Bone House but the Jubbling is undeniable. Built by Dan Phillips and his team from Phoenix Commotion, The Bone House is constructed out of normally discarded CD’s, lumber, mirror pieces, bottle caps, grocery bags and of course bones. It’s part of Mr. Phillips’ effort to build low income housing out of trash. Throughout the video, you’ll hear a cat interrupting the interview by meowing. Obviously the cat has no idea how close it is to being incorporated into the house. [Fair Companies]


After Christmas, Some Lions, Tigers and Leopards Would Love To Rub Up On Your Unwelcome Christmas Tree.

The pine scent drives the big cats nuts. We’ve done our job and have given you a way to recycle your formerly loved Christmas tree. It’s now up to you to locate a neighbor with lions, tigers and leopards. [Neatorama]


Jubbling Or Not: Charles Dickens’ Cat Paw Letter Opener.

Charles Dickens cat paw letter openerShould we put our dead pets to good use? Gizmodo posted an article about how Charles Dickens had his cat “Bob” taxidermied and used one of Bob’s paws as a handle for a letter opener. Jubbling or not? We probably need to classify the cat paw letter opener as early Victorian era Jubbling. [Gizmodo]


Chuo Systems Corporation’s $475 Remoca: Watch Your Dog Eat, Drink And Hump Things While You’re At Work.

Remoca pet food dish with panning camera.Cat owners don’t fret – you too can buy the unnecessary $475 Remoca panning camera on a food, treat and water dish system. We have 2 cats and we love them but buying a Remoca and watching them eat, drink and clean their junk remotely on a mobile device would put me at an 11 on the “I need to get a life” scale. I predict the people that are into the kinky role-play stuff are going to be all over the Remoca – still not Jubbling though. [Rocket News]