From Grist: How Do I Get My Neighbors To Stop Spraying Pesticides Along Our Shared Fence Line?

Pesticides in your garden.Great article in the “Ask Umbra” Q&A section on Grist. Patricia in Lafayette Colorado wanted to know what she could do to get her neighbors to stop using spray pesticides that drift over to her yard and onto the vegetables in her organic garden. It’s gotten a little contentious but the collateral crop-dustings by the neighbors hasn’t stopped and she’s afraid the pesticides are going to permanently damage her soil.

In the article, Ask Umbra points out how Americans apply 67 million tons of chemicals on our lawns each year; 10 times the amount of pesticides per acre that farmers do. Umbra then suggests some ideas on ways to get a neighbor to stop and how to prevent the pesticides from entering your yard:

  1. Talk To Your Neighbors – Be reasonable and then ask them what they’re using and let them know what it’s doing to your vegetables.
  2. Put Up Barriers – Physically separate your yard from your neighbor’s with plastic sheeting our by moving your garden away from the fence line.
  3. Contact The Authorities – Lodge a complaint with the state our county so it’s on the books. Umbra also suggests finding out the local regulations through the National Pesticide Information Center.

Everything about Umbra’s suggestions are reasonable and hopefully work for Patricia.

Jubbling thought about this and has one more suggestion for getting Patricia’s neighbors to stop spunking up her vegetables with pesticides:

4. Prepare Them A “Peace” Meal Only Using Items From Your Garden – Preferably uncooked. Of course you should inform** your neighbors that the veggies came from the garden along the fence line.
**For legal reasons only.

We wish Patricia luck with the fresh meal and changing her neighbor’s mind about using pesticides. Hopefully, changing their minds won’t involve vomiting, nausea and joint pain from acute pesticide poisoning but then again, they did provide the pesti-seasoning. [Grist]


Thinking It’s A Good Idea To Cancel Our Summer Trip To Wuhan City.

Wuhan, the capital city of the Hubei province in central China, looks like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie. At first, it was speculated that the yellowish fog was caused by a chlorine factory explosion and fire but Chinese authorities later placed the blame on rural farmers burning straw. That would be a lot of straw.

So today, if you live in a town or area with clean air, maybe we should pour one out (into a glass) for our homies in Wuhan by taking one less car trip or by walking an extra mile. Good and bad, we share the same air. [Grist]


DRAM Innovation’s Fuel Nozzle Drip Retainer Is A Simple Solution To Reduce Gas Pump Drippings

DRAM Innovations Fuel Nozzle Drip RetainerIt may look like the mesh screen on our sinks at home, but there’s more to DRAM Innovation’s Drip Retainer. It’s designed to create a vacuum in the gas pump nozzle and reduce the drips of wasted fuel. The Drip Retainer is expected to reduce fuel nozzle drippings by 89% which would put a big dent in the estimated 132 million gallons of dripped fuel wasted each year.

The video below starts with the green benefits and then shows how the Drip Retainer works at the 1:48 mark. [Gizmag via Gizmodo]


Shell Oil Party Celebrating Expansion To North Arctic Becomes Fail Video. Almost Too Funny To Be True.

No disrespect to the elderly woman in the video, but this is funny stuff. At a private party to celebrate Shell’s drilling expansion into the North Arctic, the mini-Kulluk oil rig drink pourer kind of mimicked what occurs out at sea when nobody’s looking. [Treehugger]

Update – Guess it was too funny to be true. The fact that this event was happening on the lower level of the Space Needle, and not the top, should’ve given it away. Still funny though.


Jubbling Bros. Moving Company LTD LLC Group?

Jubbling Brothers Moving Company LTD.


Vanderlande Industries Builds Energy Efficient Conveyors.

Vanderlande Industries Greenveyor BlueveyorVanderlande Industries of the Netherlands builds conveyors and automated sorters for airlines, shipping companies and manufacturing facilities. Their Greenveyor and Blueveyor conveyor’s require 50% and 75% less energy, respectively, to convey items compared to previous belt systems. The Blueveyor is Vanderlande Industries’ next generation conveyor and was inspired by the cradle-to-cradle design idea of creating efficient systems that are waste free. In addition to energy savings, the Blueveyor is PVC free, requires half the materials to build and is fully recyclable.

Energy efficiency and cradle-to-cradle design are great but what is the real reason Jubbling is mentioning Vanderlande Industries? Because it sounds a lot like Vandelay Industries – the place where George Costanza wanted to be hired as a latex salesperson. [GreenBiz]