blk. Mineral Water = ‘Black’ Bottled Water.

blk. Mineral WaterNormal bottled water looks like and is arguably the same water you can get from the tap. So why buy it? Now, how do you get consumers to think your bottled water is different? blk. beverages figured it out. They added fulvic acid trace minerals to their blk. brand mineral water that naturally turned their spring water black and made it different.

Fulvic acid trace minerals are organic matter and are a major component of coal, peat and soil. Pure Fulvic Minerals describes fulvic trace minerals:

“Trace minerals are an essential part of any diet. Unfortunately, many people fail to get these much-needed nutrients from their everyday diet. All-natural foods often lack the nutrients we need since, modern farming techniques have brought these minerals to the surface, where they are washed away.”

Sounds like dirt to me. So maybe the best way to duplicate and not purchase blk. bottled mineral water is to fill your stainless water bottle with tap water and add some dirt. I don’t recommend going this route and despite the cool packaging, I don’t recommend jumping to buy blk. bottled mineral water either. [Laughing Squid]


Jubbling Was Closer To Appreciating Art. Saw ‘Burning House’ By Carrie Schneider And Don’t Get It Again.

Burning House - Carrie SchneiderThe basic idea behind Jubbling is to help people find ways to consume less and reuse more. Burning House by Carrie Schneider is not a good example of Jubbling. For the Burning House series, Ms. Schneider photographed the building and torching of 15 lookalike house type structures over two years so it would appear that it was one non-stop burn through every season. The one positive is that she didn’t pitch Burning House as a ‘green’ statement about the lack of affordable housing or dwindling resources. But maybe in hindsight, she could’ve built one house, photographed it over two years and Photoshopped in the flames and smoke. Heck, she could’ve Photoshopped in the seasons too but that wouldn’t be considered art and that’s why I’ll never get it. [Laughing Squid]


Taking A Helicopter To A Climate Science Event. Are Eco-Celebrities That Disconnected And Oblivious? and Dr. Myles Allen - weatherathome

“And it’s confusing that if you ask a random person on the street about climate change, then they’ve been given five different versions of why it’s not even an issue. So who is causing the confusion and why isn’t it even a priority?”’s frustration over people not understanding climate change, Guardian

Maybe there just wasn’t a suitable runway nearby for a private plane but’s helicopter arrival at a climate event in the UK is getting more play than his meeting with Dr. Myles Allen. Dr. Allen met with to discuss the weatherathome project which uses the spare processing power and collected data from thousands of volunteered remote computers to make future weather pattern predictions. The Guardian reported that the meeting went well but they also had to question the helicopter.

In May 2010, we posted an article about eco-Hollywoodians and how they tell us about how to live ‘green’ in a “do as I say but not as I do” way. Not only is their message lost on regular people but the way they preach it borders on offensive. obviously didn’t think helicoptering into this meeting on climate change was that big of a deal or he wouldn’t have done it. But it’s kind of like cluelessly bringing a meat lovers pizza to a PETA event.

Now don’t get me wrong, celebrities like can make an appearance, or just tweet one, and have more of a positive effect on an issue than the average person. But for futures, please don’t point to our “confusion” when it comes to our understanding climate change when it was you that showed up in a helicopter. [Guardian]


Heartland Institute’s Billboard With Ted Kaczynski Not Dishonest – Just Dongish.

Heartland Institute Kacyzinski BillboardIt looks like the only prerequisite for becoming the head of marketing at the Heartland Institute is that you’ve managed a high school election. [Guardian]


Scientists Skeptical Of Climate Change, All 3% Of You, I Hope You Are Right

Tar Sands Oil

“…I suspect we’re just not genetically programmed to worry about two generations downstream, that may be the heart of the problem.”

Kerry A. Emanuel, Atmospheric Scientist MIT

Whether you believe clouds will counter the effects of global warming or they won’t and we’re the cause – why can’t we accept both ideas and minimize the risk? We pointed this out in our post about the “If I Wanted America To Fail” video.

The New York Times Green Blog has an article on the issue of ‘how and why’ large groups of people still deny science and refuse to accept that our actions contribute to climate change. The article focuses on Kerry Emmanuel of MIT and his reasonable appeal to skeptics is “why risk it?” It’s a good 5 minute read that frames the climate debate more in terms of risk to future generations and less about the data used by both sides to support their positions. [NY Times]


Ford’s Most Fuel Efficient Car Prefers Europe To US

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic TechnologyGizmag posted an article about the 2013 Ford Fiesta with ECOnetic Technology and it ain’t gonna play in the USA. We’ll still get the usual Fiesta and its respectable 40 mpgs highway while Europe will get the Fiesta with ECOnetic Technology and almost double our fuel efficiency by getting 70+ mpgs.

Why more mpgs in Europe vs US? The Ford Fiesta with ECOnetic Technology will be built in Europe and come standard with a diesel engine. Diesel engines are generally 33% more fuel efficient than their gasoline powered counterparts. Throw in the ECOnetic technologies (Auto-Start-Stop, Smart Regenerative Charging, Eco Mode and shift indicator light), and you can account for the remaining difference in fuel economy between the US and European versions of the Fiesta. And the cherry on top – the Fiesta ECO Tech will be Ford’s lowest CO2 emissions passenger car ever.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t see the Fiesta with ECOnetic Technology stateside anytime soon. It would take the car out of the affordable range if it were shipped to the US from Europe and Ford doesn’t want to spend the money to upgrade their factory in Mexico to build diesel vehicles. But if it helps Ford reconsider their decision and leads them to build the Fiesta with ECO Tech for the US market, I’d like to apologize for making fun of the Fiesta since the early 80’s. It was just too easy but I was wrong.