The City Of Chicago’s Efforts To Counter The Heat Island Effect.

Heat islands are best described as urban areas that experience higher temperatures than their nearby rural neighbors. It occurs when natural vegetation is replaced with buildings and infrastructure. The heat island effect can raise urban air temperatures by 1.8–5.4°F (1–3°C) during the day and up to 22°F (12°C) at night. PBS NewsHour reported on how Chicago, which has seen its average summer temperature rise by 2° since 1945, is attacking the problem with green rooftops and water permeable pavement (green alleys).

In 2010, we wrote about Solterra Systems and their green rooftop retrofits. Be sure to contact them if you have any questions about green roofs or need a quote. [CDCW]


Senator Jim Inhofe Is Our Cymbal-Playing Performer Of The Week.

Senator Jim Inhofe:  The Cymbal Playing Monkey In The RoomSome people thrive on negative attention. Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma is perfect example. His irrational effort to hoaxify global warming and climate change is fact-defying and all part of his performance to frustrate the movement. Inhofe is a fossil-fuel bought bad guy who welcomes the boos because he knows he’ll never get the cheers.

At a recent Senate committee meeting on the environment and public works, Sen. Inhofe got on his soap-box again and acted like an industry-tool. He continued with his climate change denying message while pushing for more drilling. George Monbiot of the Guardian wrote about how protecting the environment will always hit a wall as long as politicians, like Inhofe, are in the back-pocket of corporations.

Angry looking Stay Puft Marshmallow ManWe feel like any effort to limit what corporations and PACs can give to members of congress will never succeed. That’s why Jubbling has decided to fight back by going Inhofe-free for the next 30 60 days. We realize now that he’s kind of like the Stay Puft marshmallow man from the Ghostbusters movie and gets stronger from negative energy. If we all ignore Inhofe’s message, he’ll lose his power.

So, sorry Senator Inhofe but Jubbling’s done with you. Our feeling is that if we don’t react to your brand of sponsored crazy, you won’t be of any value to the folks feeding your re-election coffers. Without funding, you’ll go away. [Guardian]

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Want To Learn How To Consume Less And Create Less Waste? Live In A Country With No Garbage Service.

Paraguay Waste - Image: Marta Escurra for Infosurhoy.comIn Western countries, trash service and waste disposal is easy to take for granted. Living in a country without government managed garbage pickup or septic systems that can handle toilet paper, forces people to develop MacGyver type solutions to manage their waste. Good posted an article by Megan Wood, “How Living in Paraguay Taught Me to Get Creative With My Trash,” on her experience conscientiously disposing of her personal trash. Ms. Wood dealt with her refuse by burning (toilet paper), reusing (wine bottles) and consuming less (no more Pringles) based on her situation. It’s a great article and her trash-reducing solutions and efforts to purchase items that are easier to dispose of are ones that can be applied in any country. [Good]


Annie Leonard: The Story Of Change (Video)

The latest video from Annie Leonard “once again, crystallizes my thoughts eloquently.”** It’s the latest addition to Ms. Leonard’s The Story Of Stuff video series that explains complicated issues in a way that a 10 year old can understand. “The Story of Change” video encourages people to take action rather than just being better informed consumers.

Pushing for change at the source, instead of marketplace decisions, is definitely more challenging but we managed to bring back cancelled TV shows – why can’t we PUT this same action to make needed changes [consumer products, renewable energy, ending fossil fuel subsidies etc.] directly to the top of the food chain? [The Story Of Stuff ]

**From David Letterman


Apple Decides To Break-Up With EPEAT. (UPDATE: It’s Makeup Time)

Apple and EPEAT break-upThey had a good run but it just couldn’t last. One side was solely focused on creating the most advanced computer on the market and the other hoped meeting those design goals wouldn’t come at the expense of cleaner production and end-of-life recyclability. We were all witnesses to the end of this relationship, especially when the next-gen computer created was described as “Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable” upon its release.

We’re all holding out hope that you can reconcile. More than likely on updated terms but you two need each other and we need you to need each other. (There’s a thorough article on the Apple/EPEAT break-up on Core77)

Update: July 13, 2012 The relationship is on again and we’re positive it had nothing to do with our article encouraging a reconciliation. According to GigaOM in “Apple backs down: Macs will stay EPEAT certified,” Apple wanted EPEAT back. And outgoing Senior VP of Hardware Engineering, Bob Mansfield, believes that “[Apple’s] relationship with EPEAT has become stronger as a result of this experience.” The Retina display MacBook Pro will not have a room in the renewed Apple/EPEAT household but 39 other Apple products will.


You Have 50 Months To Turn Back The Effects Of Climate Change. What Would You Do?

RIO 20 Conference on SustainabilityReports coming out about the RIO 20 Conference on Sustainable Development have not been very encouraging. So the Guardian posed a question in an interesting article entitled , “How would you lead us out of our climate predicament?” that asks individuals, in 50 words or less, to submit their solutions for managing the future effects of climate change. It’s based upon a conservative estimate that 50 months from October 1, 2012, climate change and global warming will be locked in and render futile any subsequent attempts to slow it down.

Our suggestion: Consume less. We can not count on technology to come to our rescue. We need to make lifestyle changes and focus on consuming less of everything and at the same time, we have to teach our kids to expect less. (More Good Times and less MTV Cribs)

Check out the article and submit your idea. [Guardian]

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