Clotheslines – Support System For The Affordable Solar Panel

Clothesline SeasonFor all of the enviro-babble, green-washings and Copenhagen’s, Jubbling believes the best way to reduce our impact on the environment is by thinking small and a great place to start is with clotheslines. That’s right, clotheslines – a rope tied between 2 trees or a rope spanning your balcony – the clothesline is making a comeback and these solar panel supports are affordable and effective. Our clothesline is made out of an old phone extension cord and by using it from May through Sept 2009, we were able to drop our power consumption by over 10%; the period when electrical rates are at their highest. And should your neighbors complain, show them the thong you didn’t hang up on the clothesline and I think they’ll reconsider.

Give it a try and time it to cover a billing cycle with your electric company. I think you’ll like the results. And remember, we’re not asking you to do anything extreme like washing your clothes in a river. It’s just a clothesline and the past stigma associated with hanging your clothes outside will be replaced with the pride you feel at your lower energy bills and the adoration you receive from your neighbors.

Some sites to check out include: or Urban Clotheslines.